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"Orphans" is the tenth episode of Freak Show. It premiered December 17, 2014. [1]


The death of a freak sparks troubling behavior in Pepper. Elsa reveals the history of the freak show. Desiree grows suspicious of Maggie.


Salty dies in his sleep of a stroke. Pepper becomes inconsolable, refusing to leave his corpse, which is delaying the funeral preparations.

Elsa explains to Stanley that unlike Salty, Pepper's education was successful. He presents a telegram from the head of a television network regarding an opening slot in their schedule and he expects her to go to Hollywood in three weeks. He points out the toll that recent tragedies have taken on her and recommends rest. Elsa disputes that, saying that she must take care of Pepper now. With nefarious plans for Salty's remains, Stanley offers to make the funeral arrangements, suggesting cremation. However, Stanley secretly decapitates Salty after his funeral. Thus Salty's head ends up on display next to Ma Petite at the American Morbidity Museum.

Desiree reads to Pepper the story of the Velveteen Rabbit as Dell enters. He asks to speak with his wife. He is contrite and wants another chance. She admits that she could never make him truly happy and returns to Pepper, who flies into a rage when Desiree tries to leave to get ready for the show. 

Elsa asks Pepper why she's upset and successfully guesses the reason for her tantrum, that all her life, Pepper has known nothing but abandonment. Elsa describes her own emigration in 1936, where she blended in with the gypsy chorus-folk, sometimes rising by crippling the competition. She envisioned the freak show to come, and recruited Pepper from an orphanage after her family abandoned her. Elsa earned her trust by playing with her, and Pepper became her first "monster," filling Elsa for the first time with unconditional love. As time went on, more freaks joined, but none held Pepper's interest. When a Maharaja toured the United States, Elsa traded Ma Petite for three cases of Dr. Pepper. Pepper was overjoyed that she could be a surrogate mother to the dwarf. Later, she rescued Salty from a home for wayward boys in Cincinnati. The two were soon married, with Elsa officiating. Desiree opines that after Pepper has lost everyone else, that Pepper's sister may have had a change of heart and should be contacted. Elsa tentatively agrees.

A flask-swilling Maggie muses on a flyer of "Lobster Boy" Jimmy when Desiree and Angus emerge. "Mystic Esmerelda" predicts that the traveling floor-wax salesman is to start a new future with his new lovebird in the suburbs, but that it will all turn badly, as these stories always do. Desiree tracks Maggie to the carousel demanding an explanation. A drunken Maggie tells Desiree that she and Stanley have been grifters since 1941 in Kansas City, where Maggie was pickpocketing, masquerading as a newsie. Stanley took care of the abandoned Maggie. When Desiree asks what their scam is, Maggie admits only to petty thievery from the show's customers. Desiree realizes that the pair may have to do with the disappearances of the freaks. After Desiree threatens her, Maggie returns to her tent to discover the twins, who offer to pay for Jimmy's legal fees. Maggie protests, but Dot insists that the con artist do right by Jimmy, lest he end up like Meep.

Stanley visits Jimmy in jail. Stanley earns some trust with an apocryphal tale of his youth as an orphan, then asks the young man if he committed the murders. Jimmy admits that he blacked out and is only fairly sure that he didn't do it. Stanley says that he has interested Clarence Darrow's son Donald in trying his case, but that he will need to produce a retainer. After Jimmy balks, having no money, Stanley eyes Jimmy's hands and suggests a way to raise the money.

Elsa and Pepper visit Pepper's sister Rita Gayheart in Sudbury, Massachusetts. The sister admits that though she gave Pepper up so that she could have children, the sister and her husband never conceived. Rita fears her husband's reaction to Pepper. Elsa insists Pepper is a pure soul and a gift, but the sister still has doubts. Elsa emphasizes that Pepper may feel crushed forever if she is unloved. Rita reluctantly agrees to let Pepper stay. Elsa gives Pepper a tearful goodbye, leaving her a parting gift of a kiss to her hand; informing her if she ever feels lonely, she must only hold that hand to her face and know Elsa will always think of her.

Meanwhile, Maggie tells Desiree in a private audience that every freak is in danger, but she needs time and help to sow the right seeds to save them.  There is something she must show Desiree. Maggie brings Desiree to the museum to provide leverage on Stanley. Desiree is aghast at seeing the disposition of her friends. Maggie faints at the sight of their newest display: Jimmy's hands.

In 1962, Rita describes to Sister Mary Eunice how Pepper came to live with them. Rita became unexpectedly pregnant with a son, Lucas, who she claims was born with a deformity without disclosing its nature. Pepper is forced to care for the baby due to Rita and Larry’s rejection of the baby. Yearning for the life they had before Pepper and baby Lucas arrived, Rita and Larry hatch a plan to get rid of both. While Pepper is bathing Lucas, Larry locks her outside and proceeds to drown Lucas and cuts off his ears, leaving his drowned corpse to be found by a devastated Pepper when she gets back into the house. Pepper is blamed for the murder by Rita and Larry, resulting in her being incarcerated at Briarcliff Manor. Although initially disgusted by Pepper’s apparent crimes, Mary Eunice views Pepper’s crying as signs of remorse and a seek for redemption. Happy that she thinks Pepper can be a saved soul, Mary Eunice decides to personally take Pepper on.

Mary Eunice assigns Pepper the role of cleaning the asylum’s library. While sifting through the books in the library, she sees Elsa on the cover of LIFE magazine from 1958. Happy that her old matron has finally found fame, Pepper holds her hand that Elsa kissed many years ago to her cheek.

Featured Characters[]

Larry Gayheart[]

Larry Gayheart is Pepper's brother-in-law. He is a character portrayed by Matthew Glave. Larry hated Pepper and his son, Lucas. He decided with the help of Rita, to kill both of them. Larry kills Lucas and frames Pepper for the murders.



  • Maggie Esmeralda: "Go to Hell, triple tits."
  • Elsa: "We all fear that we will end up alone, that love will be pulled from us."
  • Elsa: "Adoration, affection, idolization — I am a performer, I had felt them all in droves. But when this strange-looking little one looked at me, it was the first time I had ever felt unconditional love."