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Oz Mayfair-Richards (full name: Ozymandias Mayfair-Richards[1][2]) is Ally and Ivy Mayfair-Richards's 10 year old son, entrusted to the care of his new nanny, Winter Anderson. He is a character in Cult portrayed by Cooper Dodson.


When Oz was born, Ally named him after the kings of kings. Ivy loved Oz but secretly hated Ally since Ally gave birth to Oz.

Personality and Appearance[]

Oz is a boy fascinated by horror stories, such as "Twisty: The Clown Chronicles," a comic book. Despite the fact that his curiosity prompts him to read comics forbidden by his moms, Oz is a polite child.

Oz is a child with wavy blond hair, resembling his mother Ivy. He wears glasses with a blue and green frame.


During the US presidential election of 2016, Oz was frightened by the possibility of losing his moms but was reassured by Ivy. In the following weeks, Oz quietly resumed his daily routine, including reading forbidden comics such as Twisty: The Clown Chronicles, which caused a panic attack in his mother Ally, who suffered from coulrophobia. When his moms had to hire a nanny for both to be able to go back to work, Oz was entrusted to the care of Winter, a girl fascinated by the morbid who introduced him to the deep web after discovering Oz's passion for Twisty. During a night spent with Winter while his mothers were at the restaurant, Oz witnessed the murder of his neighbors, Thom and Marylin Chang, perpetrated by home invaders masked as clowns. However, when Oz told what he saw to his mothers, Winter stated that it was all fruit of his imagination, influenced by the reading of the violent comic book.[3]

After attending the brutal murder, Oz began to have terrible nightmares about clowns invading his own house. Among the clowns, there was Twisty, who told him not to cry if he did not want to be killed. Since Winter had betrayed his trust by discrediting him before his mothers, Oz was angry with the nanny so much that even an action figure of Twisty failed to reconcile them. Winter then introduced Oz to the "pinky ritual," promising him to cast away all his fear. Oz manifested difficulty in distinguishing dreams and reality, to which Winter provided a simple solution: asking clowns whether it was dream or reality. Meanwhile, Oz befriended Harrison, the new neighbor and a beekeeper, not without causing concern in his mother Ally. Afterward, during a blackout, Oz was awakened in the middle of the night by a scared Ally, who feared there were home invaders in their house. As they were about to escape, Ally shot Pedro, one of her employees, just in front of her son.[1]

Traumatized by Pedro's death, Oz was relieved when Harrison gave him a guinea pig. Although Ally was not very fond of the idea, Oz got permission to keep the little pet, just in time to find out that Mr. Guinea pig had been cooked in the microwave while they were at the restaurant. The family go to the Wilton's for questioning where Oz is traumatized after Ally punches Harrison. They leave and Oz spots a bloody smiley face on their wall. Later on, when Ivy and Ally discussed Ally's alleged affair with Winter, Ally and Ivy went outside to look at the commotion, Oz then found a bloody smiley face on the wall of the house.[4] 

Ally has a supervised visit with Oz and Oz ends up believing Ally is weird making Ally feel terrible. After deciding to leave the cult, Winter takes Oz home where Ally gives him a comic book. Ally and Ivy, the next day, go to pick him up from school but Winter already did. The women go to Kai's house where they let Oz stay the night with "daddy". Later that night, Oz is being told the story of Jim Jones but  Oz proves it wrong and Kai breaks his phone and puts him in time out. Ally, Kai, and Oz  later embrace since they are all a family now.

Oz has a birthday party where Beverly joins. Oz is last seen telling his mother goodnight before she goes onto her newest cult.

Associated Characters[]

Mr. Guinea[]

Mr. Guinea was a domesticated guinea pig that Harrison Wilton gave Oz as a sign of friendship, convinced that the boy needed a male figure in his life. The animal was briefly in possession of the Mayfair-Richards family until it was killed in a microwave by an unidentified killer.


Chris Madison[]

Chris Madison is Oz's biological father and a sperm donor at The Braddon Clinic in Brookfield Heights, Michigan. It is unknown who portrayed him.


  • In Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, it's shown that Oz seems to be more fond of Ivy.
  • Despite being a fan of Twisty's comics, he started to have nightmares about clowns after witnessing the Changs' murder.
  • In Mid-Western Assassin it is revealed that Ally was the one who gave birth to him.
  • In Drink the Kool-Aid, his biological father is revealed to be Chris Madison, registered at The Braddon Clinic as (Sperm) Donor No. X93994.
  • His full name is Ozymandias, meaning "The King of Kings" as revealed by Ally. The name is mentioned in a 1818 sonnet of the same name by English Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley.[2]


  • Winter
    Which one's your real mommy?
    They're both.
    I mean which one carried you in her belly?
    I forgot. Maybe they never told me.
    They ever tell you about your dad? Everybody has one.
    I'm supposed to say, "Every family is special in their own way".
  • To Winter: "Are you going to tell my moms?"



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