The Piggy Man is a disturbing ghost that haunts the Roanoke House and the tertiary antagonist of sixth season. He is a character in Roanoke primarily portrayed by Marti Matulis.


The so-called Piggy Man was once a deserter of the colony who stole provisions from the colony's storehouse. After being scalped by Scáthach, he was found at the edge of the wood by the colonists and brought back to the Butcher for punishment.

As "penance for his betrayal", the Butcher forced the thieving deserter to wear a pig's head, nailed a pig's tail to his own tailbone, hogtied him to a spick, and roasted him like a pig.

His ghost haunts the grounds of the Roanoke House.[2]

Personality and Appearance

The Piggy Man is a half-naked man covered in burns and soot wearing a mask obtained from the severed head of a pig. He is often heard grunting like a swine.

He is an aggressive ghost, attacking the residents and anyone who stays in the Roanoke House.


Piggy Man spends most of his time scaring the residents of Roanoke House. In a video, Piggy Man almost killed Elias. When it is not the blood moon, he is seen playing with other ghosts and Flora. During the blood moon, though, he is seen almost killing Shelby and Matt. Elias kills Piggy Man but Elias says he will come back soon. In a flashback, he is seen harassing the Chens. 

When Return to Roanoke starts, Piggy Man is seen killing some more. He appears in the back of Diana's car making her crash. He also almost kills Shelby and Dominic and he later kills Dominic. When Spirit Chasers come, Piggy Man is seen killing Ashley.


  • The Piggy Man of urban legend mentioned by Derrick in "Piggy Piggy", the sixth episode of Murder House, was based off of the in-universe Kincaid Polk, an ancestor of the Polk family seen in Roanoke. Due to having grown up in the forests of North Carolina, where his family offered up human sacrifices to The Butcher in exchange for centuries of living in peace, Kincaid was inspired by the ghost of the Piggy Man to wear a pig mask of his own making. At some point, he moved to Chicago, where he took hogs for slaughter. At the Chicago World's Fair of 1893, Kincaid Polk put on his pig mask and massacred people, until an accident left him to be consumed alive by his own hogs. Jether Polk claims that he is the only member of the Polk family to gain any fame, and looks up to him as his role model.


  • Piggy Man: "Oooiinnkk, sssqqquueeeaaalll."



  1. Mentioned by Derrick as an urban legend. Kincaid Polk drew inspiration from the Piggy Man ghost and became known as the Piggy Man in Chicago until his death in 1893
  2. Episode: Chapter 2
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