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Preview of Piggy, Piggy

Ryan Murphy's summary of Piggy Piggy[1]:

“Piggy Piggy” is a really fun one for me, it’s also a horrifying one because one of the things the show deals with is the “American horrors” that we deal with in our culture. Certainly, kids and violence is one of them. So the opening is beyond tense and very upsetting where we see the true story of Tate. Then, Eric Stonestreet comes on as a patient who is paralyzed by urban myths and legends like Bloody Mary. It’s a pivotal one in the run of the show. It’s sort of half-way there and we deal with all these questions about Tate that we have been dealing with so I think it’s very momentous. What does he know? What doesn’t he know? Why he did what he did? What does Violet find out about what he did? It’s all that in there.

Spoiler Tidbits[]

  • Ben gets a new patient (Eric Stonestreet)[2], who is afraid of Urban Legends, especially Pigman [3][4], and Bloody Mary[1].

Violet with dead Murder Renactors behind her from episode Piggy Piggy

  • The intro flashback murder scene for this episode will be the Westfield High massacre and Tate's own death.[7]
  • Tate's motives for the Westfield High Shooting will be explained, as well as why he can't seem to remember any of it.[1]
  • Tate did not kill himself, but was killed by someone else. [7]
  • Vivien goes to meet the nurse who fainted when she saw the sonogram. The nurse has turned to Catholicism and tells Vivien that the baby is not human. It grows much faster than it should. [5]
  • Vivien eats a bowl of raw brains given to her by Moira. "Raw food" for the baby. She finishes the bloody dish (with salt) and stares at it as though wondering what she had just done.[8]
  • Constance hires a psychic medium to contact Addy and to get Tate Langdon to move on to the next world. The medium is a woman named Billie Dean (a pun on Billie Jean) and is portrayed by Sarah Paulson. She will be on the show for four episodes.[9]
  • The victims of the Westfield High Massacre are as follows (memorial plaque shown in FX props department clip)[10]:
In Memory of Our Fallen Brothers and Sisters
Stephanie Boggs Kelsey Jackson Michael Rivera
Jay Cannavo Danielle Levesque Josh Sathre
Mark Finstein Luke Maxcy Chloe Stapleton
Kevin Gedman Andrew Meyers Amir Stanley
Kyle Greenwell Jason Mueller Jennifer Wright

Video Spoilers[]


Special Preview S01E06

Preview of Piggy, Piggy


American Horror Story on FX - Piggy, Piggy

Piggy Piggy Trailer


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