"Pilot" is the first episode of the first season ("Murder House"). It premiered October 5, 2011.


The Harmon family moves from Boston to Los Angeles to escape their troubled past, and make their home in a house with a past far more troubled.



Two red-headed twin boys are looking to vandalize a house with baseball bats. They arrive on the property and encounter Adelaide Langdon outside, who warns them not to enter the house. She tells them that they will die in there. The boys brush off this warning and proceed to enter the house. They work their way through the rooms, smashing wood and glass. After descending to the basement, they find a number of specimen jars containing animal remains and human fetuses, as well as bloody surgical tools. Bryan complains about the smell and starts to climb back up the stairs. He pauses when he realizes that his brother, Troy, has gone silent. Bryan walks back downstairs to find Troy gasping for air, his throat slit by the Infantata.


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Vivien Harmon is undergoing an examination by her OB/GYN, Dr. Day. He is trying to convince her to take hormones to increase her sex drive. She refuses, explaining her suspicion that her lack of drive might be a symptom of depression. Her doctor asks her what she is afraid of, and she bristles at the reference to her recent stillborn baby. Vivien returns home and is alarmed by noises coming from upstairs. Believing that there is an intruder, she dials 911. Vivien arms herself with a kitchen knife and sneaks upstairs. She follows the noise and discovers that her husband, Ben, is having an affair with one of his students.


The Harmon family consisting of Ben, Vivien, Violet, and their dog Hallie head to Los Angeles, California for a fresh start. They arrive at the same house where the twins were killed decades earlier. While the realtor, Marcy, relays some of the house's history, Hallie starts barking uncontrollably at the basement door and Vivien instructs Violet to check on her. Curious, Violet goes down into the basement. Marcy discloses that the previous owners, a gay couple who restored the house to its original grandeur, died during a murder/suicide in the basement. Upon hearing this, Violet is interested in living at the house.

The Harmons unpack and move in, but it is apparent that Ben and Vivien are continuing to have marital problems. Violet is struggling to adjust in her new high school and is regularly harassed by a trio of older classmates led by Leah after Leah had issues with Violet smoking. Vivien receives a surprise visit from her intrusive next door neighbor, Addy, and her mother, Constance. Constance gives Vivien a housewarming gift of sage. As Vivien burns it around the house, she makes her way to the attic, where she finds a bondage suit hanging from the ceiling. She asks Ben to get rid of it.

Ben begins sessions with Tate Langdon, a young man with vivid fantasies about killing his classmates. Oddly in his fantasies, he kills the classmates he likes. Tate later befriends Violet.

Ben begins sleepwalking while he's nude and begins to hear voices. He lights the fireplace downstairs and is discovered by Vivien.

Vivien is hanging laundry when she is approached by Moira, whom she sees as an older woman in traditional French maid's uniform. Moira's intimate knowledge of the house on how to care for it and its history leads Vivien to hire Moira as a housekeeper. Moira describes that she was the housekeeper for the previous owners and is the one who discovered their bodies. Ben meets Moira in the kitchen, and he perceives her as a seductive, young woman in a much more revealing version of the same attire.

Ben expresses his concern about Tate but is confident he can be treated. Unbeknownst to Ben, Tate has formed a strong bond with Violet. Ben is furious when he discovers Tate in Violet's bedroom and demands that he leave.

Coming out of a shower, Ben later walks in on Moira masturbating in a guest room. In his bedroom, he himself furiously masturbates. As he finishes, he starts to cry. He is startled by a man shouting. He looks down to discover he is being watched by a man with severe facial scarring, standing on the front lawn. Ben pursues the man but finds that he has fled.

Vivien is unloading groceries in the kitchen and hears a noise. She looks up, startled to find the cabinet and refrigerator doors have suddenly opened on their own. Addy giggles from another room, and sees the twins emerge behind an unaware Vivien. Vivien asks Addy to stop entering the house uninvited. Addy keeps asking if she can pet their dog. Vivien gently but firmly touches Addy's face to get her attention and to make sure that they are clear she should never come in the house uninvited again. Addy says okay and tries to touch Hallie before leaving. Hallie bites at her. Addy leaves angry, saying the dog shouldn't have done that. Constance threatens to harm Vivien if she ever lays her hands on Addy again.

Over the phone, Ben tries to report Tate, believing that he poses a possible threat to himself and others, but is unsuccessful, as he does not have correct and complete information on Tate's background. Ben is distracted by Moira, who enters the room and tries to seduce him while he protests. They are discovered by Violet, who, like everyone but Ben, sees Moira as an older woman.

Violet is once again harassed by Leah at school. Tate and Violet plan to scare Leah. Violet lures Leah into the basement of her house with the promise of drugs. Tate is waiting there, and as Violet watches, Leah is attacked by the Infantata. Leah runs away, her face deeply cut after the incident. Violet argues that Tate took the prank too far and orders him to leave.

While restoring the music room, Ben attempts to seduce Vivien. They argue over her inability to forgive Ben for cheating. They reconcile through sex for the first time in almost a year. Later that night, as Vivien prepares for bed, she sees a figure in the doorway clad in the rubber fetish suit from the attic. She believes it to be Ben, unaware that Ben is sleepwalking downstairs. Vivien and the suited man have sex, and Ben is saved by Constance from burning himself on the stove while sleepwalking.

While out on a morning jog, Ben is followed by the burnt man, who introduces himself as Larry Harvey, a previous owner of the house. Larry claims to be on release from prison due to a terminal and inoperable brain cancer and was apprehended after incinerating his family. He was left with burn scars on over 70 percent of his body as a result, compelled by the same whispering voices that Ben has been hearing. Ben threatens to commit Larry if he does not leave his family alone.

Moira catches Constance going through Vivien's jewelry box and, Constance responds by threatening Moira that she'll kill her again.

Vivien comes home and tells Ben she is pregnant. Ben is overjoyed by the news.


  • Adelaide: "Excuse me: you are going to die in there."
  • Vivien Harmon
    The light is different out here. It's softer.
  • Ben (to Vivien)
    My son died too!
    Vivien (to Ben)
    And you buried your sorrow in some 21 year old's pussy.
  • Violet
    So we're the Addams Family now.

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  • Leah's friend Becca is played by Christian Serratos, who now plays Rosita Espinosa on "The Walking Dead".
  • The end titles are sporadically inter-cut with images only a few frames at a time.
    • Vivien looks over Ben's shoulder after telling him she is pregnant and sees Rubber Man.
    • Violet's face, in close up, horrified.
    • Larry, staring up through the window.
    • Addy, laughing at the Twins.
    • Larry, driving after Ben.
    • A mobile, made from dolls hanged from nooses.
    • Vivien, having sex with Rubber Man.
    • Moira's masturbation, and Ben's subsequent masturbation.
    • Constance threatening Moira.
    • Troy, covered in blood.
    • Vivien, flanked by the Twins.
    • The fire set by Larry.

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  1. The time frame for the affair in relation to "the present" was established in Halloween: Part 2.
  2. The time frame for "the present" was established in Halloween: Part 1.
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