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Provincetown, Massachusetts is the main setting of Double Feature: Red Tide.


Kit and Alma Walker married in Provincetown in 1964.[2]

According to Austin Sommers, 10 or 15 years ago, this area got hit hard the area was struck by a crisis of addiction. After the big crash, a lot of folks out of work with nothing to do but get hungy and high. Heroin at first, then crystal meth, then opioids, which made the heroin obsolete. But people still needed that crystal rush. And cooking meth was easier with the right ingredients and being careful enough to not blow oneself up. Anyway, someone vaguely known as The Chemist started experimenting with different recipes, and began to produce and sell "Muse", creating a new batch of addicted particularly amongst the artists in the area.[3]

In 2021, Harry Gardner moved to the Brown House with his wife Doris and their daughter Alma during the winter. They plan to get away from the busy city life and while Doris redecorates the house, Harry will use the time to write the script for a TV pilot. They quickly become acquainted with the bloodthirsty place and the eccentric residents.[4]


The Brown House[]

Renting a house for a family vacation away from metropolitan chaos. An idyll until it isn't.

Sommers' House[]

Decadent aestheticism with which Austin Sommers surrounds himself.

Belle Noir's House[]

Every cautionary tale needs a wicked witch and her dwelling. Cunningham house is a place of heinous crimes.

Mickey's Shack[]

Mickey's shack where he and Karen find refuge on cold nights while flesh phantoms roam free.

Chemist's House[]

The source of evil; when science goes awry. Taste The Chemist's black pills.

Town Hall[]

Decisions on how to run the coastal town take place in the Town Hall. As well as concealing evidence of crime. Ask Holden Vaughn to get a tour.

The Muse[]

The local bar over get together for a pint or popping some black pills and find inspiration - or an insatiable thirst for blood.

Mikey's Market[]

Get your supplies at this delightful grocery store.

Lark's Tattoo Parlor[]

The one place in Provincetown where you can get a nice tattoo or have your teeth sharpened by Dr. Feldman. Or both.

The Cemetery[]

With the dead piling up one after the other, probably the busiest place in Provincetown.

The Harbour[]

Tourists come and go and the port is one of the best attractions. Not much for a lively Saturday night.

The D*ck Dock[]

A fairly self-explanatory moniker. Hustling and bustling to kill time. Or clients.

The Beaches[]

Nice places to run, take a breath of fresh air, find human bodies and look for tasty victims.


Residents and Visitors[]

Tony Winter Kills
Jim Levy
Former Residents and Visitors
Gaslight#Eli Gardner
Winter Kills#Jan Remy
Deceased Residents and Visitors
Kit Walker
Blood Buffet#Ray Cunningham
 Mrs. Geraldes
Mrs. Geraldes
Chubby Guy



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