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R.J. is a cameraman working with Beverly Hope. He is a character in Cult portrayed by James Morosini.


Not much is known about R.J.'s background except he was hired as a cameraman by Bob. Later when Beverly joins the cult, R.J. does too.

Personality and Appearance

R.J. is a young fit male presumably in his late 20s. He is more of a follower than a leader and can seem as young as he looks.


R.J. is the cameraman for Beverly and a trusty colleague of hers.[3] He follows Beverly when she joins the cult and becomes one of the clowns, taking part in the murders and tortures of other "weaker" individuals. However, Beverly deems that R.J. is the weakest link of the cult and ultimately forces the entire cult to kill him with a nail gun, shooting him multiple times around the top of his head, before being fatally shot by Kai Anderson.[4]



  • R.J. - "This is real news."



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