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R. Franklin is a serial killer who murdered Maria and Gladys in the Murder House. He is a character in the first season (dubbed by fans "Murder House") portrayed by Jamie Harris.


R. Franklin had a bad experience with the mercury in a broken thermometer and from that moment on he hated nurses.[1]

Appearance and Personality[]

Franklin was a slender man standing about six feet tall. In his only appearance, Franklin was completely dressed in black, reminiscent of a preacher's attire.

R. Franklin was cold and manipulative, and able to intimidate other people with his mere presence. He was probably disdainful towards religion given his conversation with Maria, one of his victims.



One evening in 1968, Franklin visits the Murder House under the guise of being injured, seeking help. He is let in by Maria and treated in the living room of the house. He notices Maria's cross, asking her if she thinks she can be saved. Maria responds that she already has been saved. When Maria and Gladys realize that Franklin isn't actually bleeding or hurt, he grabs an ashtray that Gladys had been smoking out of previously and bludgeons Maria on the head, knocking her unconscious. He grabs Gladys, who is in her nurse uniform, pulling her upstairs to the bathroom, chanting "Fatty Patty". It is here where he drowns her in the bathtub full of water.

When Maria awakens, Franklin is staring at her on the couch. He asks her if she still thinks she can be saved before throwing a nurse uniform at her and insisting that she put it on. Maria does so hesitantly, begging for mercy, stating that she is a virgin. After putting on the uniform, Franklin hog ties her and just sits watching her as Maria recites a prayer asking for God's mercy. The prayer at first seems to get through to Franklin, who gets up and walks away. Maria thinks he has left, when suddenly Franklin begins to repeatedly stab her in the back until she is dead.[1]


  • His current fate is unknown. However, due to the notoriety of the murder, it can be implied that Franklin was captured, tried and either sentenced to death or imprisonment.