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Ray Powell is a fun-loving and orderly member of the group with absolutely no idea what he’s in for[1]. He is a character in 1984 portrayed by DeRon Horton.


Ray was a popular fraternity member at Omega XI. Back in 1983, Ray was involved in hazing new recruits during their initiation process. One recruit, Chan, was not feeling all too well after drinking too much. After a discussion with Ray, Chan falls down the stairs as he tries to pull his pants up.

In a panic, Ray assumes that Chan is dead and the frat house would be held responsible for the incident. To cover himself and the Pledge Master, he stages Chan's death as a car accident over a cliff. Ray leaves Chan inside a car and releases the brake. Unaware to Ray, Chan was only unconscious and awakes when the car begins to move toward the cliff. Despite trying to pull Chan out of the window, Ray lost his grip and Chan ripped Ray's watch off as the car went over the cliff.[3]

Ray tried but gradually could no longer go to classes and soon dropped out of the university, taking a job as a hospital orderly taking care of comatose patients. He met Montana Duke at one of Justine Batemanʼs parties and met Chet Clancy one day at the gym. Ray joined the group to work at Camp Redwood to avoid trouble after news breaks out that Chan's car had been found.[4] Ray believed it was only a matter of time before authorities found his watch.

Personality and Appearance[]

Ray is a black man in his twenties or early thirties. Ray usually wears comfortable clothing consisting of jeans, a shirt, and belt. He has black, short hair.

Ray is kind but he is also a coward. Ray is cruel and a hypocrite at his fraternity and he covers up a murder. He is nice but sometimes sadistic and untrustworthy. He believes that every one most stick to themselves when they are being murdered.


Ray is first seen at Xavier's aerobics class. Xavier invites his friends to go to Redwood with him and Ray says yes. They arrive at Redwood and Margaret gives them a tour. They all later hear the story of Richter by the campfire. Ray later goes to see the dead hiker but he isn't there. Ray and the others watch the Olympics and Chet hurts Ray's hand and Brooke helps him. 

Ray is told by Margaret to go take a shower and he does. When they get out they find Blake's body. The group tries to leave but Rita jumps in front of the car making them crash the van. The group splits up and Brooke, Chet, Rita, and Ray go to a cabin to get Rita's keys. Ramirez starts banging on the door.

Ray tries to escape but Rameriez attacks him and Chet saves him. Chet and Ray fall in a pit and Chet becomes severely hurt. Ray tells Chet his story and Ray leaves. Trevor tells Montana and Ray to go get help. Ramirez appears to Ray and Montana and Ray leaves her but he dies.

Ray is seen by Brooke and they run into the mess hall. They have sex and go to the fridge for drinks and they find Ray's head and Brooke runs away. Ray is later seen when the morning comes and Ray is taken to the hospital but he ends up back at Redwood with Montana and Jonas.

Ray hates that Montana and Xavier keep killing and he stops cleaning up the bodies.

When Benjamin comes to Redwood, Ray is pissed that he killed him but Benjamin explains who The Lady in White is. The ghosts let him live. When Benjamin comes back again, Ray explains how he feels. The rest of the ghosts take Benjamin with them.

Montana explains to Bobby what happened to Margaret and Rameriez. Ray helps Brooke escape and that is the last time Ray sees Brooke. Ray is last seen awaiting his turn to torture Margaret for the rest of his afterlife.


  • Ray: "Suck a nut, Camp Redwood! I'll see you in another life!"
  • To Brooke: "Don't feel like you have to change to fit into the world."
  • Ray: "Oh my God! Is that my head in there?!"


  • This is this first character portrayed by DeRon Horton.



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