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"Red Dawn" is the fifth episode of 1984. It premiered October 16, 2019.


As twilight broaches, the survivors brace for a final brawl.[1]



Donna Chambers sits in her car while she stakes out her father's apartment complex and notices her father, David, and a woman enter inside the building. Growing suspicious that her father is cheating on her mother; Donna breaks inside his apartment.Donna is shocked to see the woman tied to the bed and disemboweled and also notices polaroid photos of mutilated women hanging on the wall. Donna tries to help the woman to stop the bleeding, but David enters the bedroom, carrying a knife. David is in disbelief to see his daughter and explains that he has been doing this for a long time. Donna promises that she can help her father, but he commits suicide by stabbing himself in the neck.


Richard Ramirez confronts Donna who is bewildered after witnessing his resurrection. He explains that Satan resurrected him and tells Donna that she is evil and should embrace it.

Xavier, Montana, Margaret, Brooke and Chet try to come up with a plan for escape since Blake's car is engulfed by flames. Xavier loses it and Margaret knocks him out, for fear he would hurt someone. The group takes him back to a cabin and Margaret suggests that they take a boat to get across to the other side, claiming to see two people camping the other day. Montana proposes that Chet will go with Margaret, much to his dismay. Once Montana is alone with Brooke, she attempts to strike her with an object, but is quickly stopped when Brooke sees Ray through the window wandering aimlessly around the camp grounds and runs outside to speak to him. Ray is confused, stating that his mind is foggy and can't recall what happened after he left on Trevor's motorcycle.

Margaret rows the boat as she has a conversation with Chet. The conversation becomes unpleasant as Margaret tries to force Chet to confess a secret and she strikes him with an oar, slices his ear off and pushes him into the lake, leaving him to drown.

Brooke and Ray run to the mess hall and they share a moment together. Brooke tells Ray her past and explains that she was always the best in her class however her late fiance, always came in second and was jealous of Brooke. He started rumors which resulted in her classmates refusing to speak to her and Brooke purposely began to fail her classes, causing Joey to become number one. Brooke admits she didn't know if she loved Joey or not. Ray tells Brooke that his dream was to become a doctor and he worked hard to get into the best schools but, ultimately, he set himself up for failure due to his actions. The two have sex, believing that they may die soon.

Xavier awakes and is incredibly upset over his face being covered in burns as he believes his dream to be on television and magazines is over. Donna runs into their cabin and is confronted by Montana, and she admits that she released Benjamin Richter from the asylum. Infuriated, Xavier attacks Donna for indirectly being the cause of his facial burns and he chases her out of the cabin with an intent to kill her.

After Brooke and Ray are finished having sex. Brooke confides to Ray that he was her first time and she was saving herself for marriage with Joey. The two go to the fridge after feeling thirsty and Brooke screams after finding Ray's head inside. Brooke, afraid of Ray suddenly, runs out the mess hall and Ray comes to terms that he is dead.

Brooke runs back to Montana, telling her that Ray is dead. Montana strikes her in the head with an object and explains that she is avenging her brother, Sam's, death. She tries to strangle Brooke with a cord, but Brooke stabs her in the knee. Brooke races out of the cabin, while Montana quickly trails behind her.

As Donna hides in the nurse's cabin, she is greeted by Benjamin. He begins to extract bullets from his chest, telling Donna that he should have never been brought here. He explains that Margaret committed the massacre in 1970 and framed him for it. Donna explains she wanted to understand her father more and begs Richter to kill her but he refuses and decides that she should live to face the consequences before leaving her alone.

Brooke and Montana still continue to brawl in the night.

Richter finds Margaret in the archery arena and throws his keys at her since she is the actual "Mr. Jingles". Out of fury, Richter grabs Margaret by the throat and proceeds to choke her however, Xavier appears, bow and arrow in hand and shoots several arrows at Richter's chest. As Richter falls and lays dying, Xavier asks if Margaret is okay and is stabbed to death by her, including getting his ear cut off. Ramirez appears in front of a dying Richter, asking if he accepts Satan as his master.

Dawn breaks and the children on the bus are singing songs during the ride to Camp Redwood. As they approach the campsite, they witness a horrific sight- Brooke is stabbing Montana several times in the chest in the middle of the camp clearing. The police are called later and Brooke is arrested. Margaret stabs her leg and acts as the victim to the police, telling them that Brooke went crazy and killed everyone.

Ray, still in a daze, is seen by a paramedic who takes his vitals and is stunned to find that his blood pressure is not going up. She straps Ray into a gurney to transport him to the hospital however once the ambulance leaves Camp Redwood, Ray is back on the camp grounds, and is upset because he wants to go home. Jonas appears and explains that the camp is his new home now.

A cop sees Montana and asks if she needs help but she takes his gun and shoots him. Ray confronts her over this and she tells Ray and Jonas that they all have the ability to take control of the camp now and they can do whatever they want.

Ramirez and Richter steal one of the cop cars and the two drive to L.A. together.

Featured Characters[]

David Chambers[]

David Chambers is a guest starring character in American Horror Story portrayed by Tim Russ. He was a serial killer and Donna's father.

David lived a double life as a loving father and serial killer until his daughter caught him with one of his victims. Ignoring Donna's psychological help proposals, David stabbed himself in the neck in front of his daughter.

Years later, a satanic vision with the appearance of David appeared to torment Donna at Camp Redwood.


  • Richard Ramirez: "Just because something seems inconceivable doesn't mean that it can't be true!"
  • Xavier: "I have breathed the fire of a thousand white-hot suns!"
  • Xavier: "Burn it all!"
  • Brooke (to Ray): "Did you hit your head or something?"
  • Margaret: "Do you ever think about death, Chet?"
  • Ray: "Don't feel like you have to change to fit into the world."
  • Brooke: "Is everyone in this whole fucking place dead?"
  • Montana: "I think I would know if I was dead!"
  • Montana: "I know I seem pretty bitchinʼ. But I have moments of doubt too!"
  • Xavier: "When you put me in that oven, you cooked up your worst nightmare, asshole!"
  • Montana: "There's no Montana. Only Zuul!"
  • Montana: "You guys are doing this purgatory thing all wrong. We can be gods here!"


Cultural References[]

  • Highway to Heaven - Xavier mentions a possible role on this American television drama series started in 1984.
  • Robin Hood - Xavier played the leading role at the Stagedoor Dinner Theater, Tustin in 1979.
  • Zuul the Gatekeeper of Gozer - Montana mentions this demigod monster from the 1984 Ghostbusters film.
  • 'Red Dawn' is a reference to the 1984 movie of the same name, which was the first film to be given the PG-13 rating.

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