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Regina Ross is the daughter of Gloria Mott's housekeeper Dora Brown. She is a character in Freak Show primarily portrayed by Gabourey Sidibe.



Regina Ross is the daughter of Dora Brown. As a child, she often spent time at the Mott household where her mother worked as a housekeeper. She also witnessed the absence of Gloria as a mother and the brattiness of Dandy as a child. In one scenario, Dandy tied up Regina and proceeded to cut off pieces of her hair, only for Gloria to step in and take the scissors away.

Regina was a student at the Barbican in New York City on the cusp of graduation. She had hopes of being placed in a position at a law firm soon after receiving her diploma.

Personality and Appearance[]

Regina seemed to be kindhearted and polite, but also possessed a serious personality when suspicious, as displayed when she confronted Dandy and Gloria about the disappearance of her mother. In addition to that, it appeared that she was a person who demands justice, likely a result of her legal secretarial studies. Dandy described her as a truthful person and not one to lie. Unlike Gloria herself, she was willing to take action against Dandy once she realized he was a killer, though she also assumed that Dandy wouldn’t try to kill her in retaliation.

Regina was a black woman with a large figure. Her hair was black, short and curly. She often wore button-up suits with a skirt.


Regina is first introduced when she calls Gloria Mott from her university to see why her mother missed their weekly call the day before. Getting nothing but excuses, Regina begins to get suspicious and continues to insist that Gloria have her mother call her. When Gloria tries to get Regina to give her opinion on her parenting, Regina gets uncomfortable and hangs up the phone.

She later visits Dandy Mott and Gloria to ask them where her mother is, as she had mysteriously disappeared. Gloria gives a completely fabricated story claiming that Dora was out of town working for Gloria. Regina later returns and demands an explanation of the location of her mother. She then explains that if Dora isn't home soon, she will go to the police. After Regina leaves, Dandy demands that Gloria kills Regina to prevent the police finding out about his crimes and implies that he will kill her if the police surround their mansion.[1]

Regina visits Dandy and says she's been to the police. Dandy then casually admits to murdering Dora and also his own mother. He asks her to join him in a bloodbath but she resists, then he expresses his lack of intention to kill her and lets her leave.[2]

Later the same day, Regina comes back and has an investigator, Jack Colquitt with her. Dandy later tells the cop he will pay the cop one million dollars to get rid of Regina and to drop the case. Without hesitation, he then fires one bullet into Regina's forehead instantly killing her and splattering her blood on the wall behind her. The officer then assists Dandy in burying Regina's body.[3]


  • To Gloria Mott: "I'm feeling really uncomfortable so I'm going to go now."
  • Regina: "Where is my mother? She ain't out buying squash."


  • This is the second character to be portrayed by Gabourey Sidibe. For a complete list of her characters, see Cast.
  • Regina's death hints at the prejudice and inequality America in the 1950s; Jack Colquitt paid more attention to Dandy who was white, rich and a male, meanwhile, Regina was a black woman, and he easily succumbed to Dandy's bribes and killed her. It also demonstrates how corrupt the cop was to without hesitation accept an offer to kill somebody for a million dollars.
  • In the promo for Bloodbath, a 'fake' scene was filmed where Gloria is pointing a gun at the back of Regina's head in the dining room.