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"Rest in Pieces" is the eighth episode of 1984. It premiered November 6, 2019.


A deadly trio emerges, hell-bent on unleashing a new era at Camp Redwood. Our former counselors desperately try to keep history from repeating itself.[1]


Brooke and Donna sit in a diner as Brooke thinks about her future and starting over once they kill Margaret. Donna tells her that she or Margaret will end up being the final girl of the story, since every horror film has a surviving female who lives to tell the tale. During their discussion, they are interrupted by a nosy reporter who introduces herself as Stacey Phillips. She makes a comment that Brooke looks so much like Brooke Thompson. Stacey goes on to tell the two about her work on serial killers and is planning to attend the Camp Redwood music festival. Brooke and Donna excuse themselves from the table and tell Stacey they will hopefully see her at the festival. Brooke is terrified that Stacey knows who she really is.

Jonas is trailing along the side of the camp's road, when suddenly, a pink vehicle stops for him. Bruce is the driver and asks if Jonas is alright. Jonas responds that he needs to get to Camp Redwood and Bruce invites him inside. During the ride, Bruce talks about music and Jonas questions why his hands are all bandaged. Bruce only responds that it was two women responsible for his hands. Jonas hears muffling and banging coming from the trunk. He asks Bruce about the noise, which leads him to pull the car over. Bruce opens the trunk and there is a woman bound and gagged. Bruce screams at her that they're trying to listen to Creedence. The woman, Mary Kay, begs Bruce to let her go. She had originally helped him when she saw he was tied up to the sign post. However, Bruce had knocked her out and stuffed her into the trunk of her car. Bruce ends up stabbing Mary Kay in the chest and when he returns to the driver's seat, Jonas has vanquished.

Margaret and Courtney stand in the tour bus in front of all the murdered members of Kajagoogoo. Margaret reprimands Courtney for not telling her about the situation sooner. She instructs Courtney, in full detail, on how to get rid of the bodies. Margaret orders him to scrub off all the blood and make sure there is not one drop left. Much to Courtney's dismay, he begins to dispose of the bodies. However, when Courtney begins dragging out one of the bodies from the tour bus, he hears Kajagoogoo's song 'Too Shy' playing. He turns around the corner and sees the ghosts of Limahl and his members playing the song.

Richard Ramirez stalks around the music festival set up and asks one of the crew members if he's with Billy Idol. The crew member responds that he is and shows him Billy's rings. Ramirez is tempted to touch them, but the crew member tells him he's not allowed. He gives him a guitar pick from Steve instead. Ramirez later starts singing 'Rebel Yell' while playing an air guitar in the forest clearing. However, Benjamin Richter tackles him. He intends to kill Ramirez for the murder of his wife. The two fight and Richter is struck by the vehicle driven by Bruce.

Richter disappears and Ramirez is furious with Bruce. Bruce suddenly recognizes Ramirez as the infamous 'Night Stalker' and exclaims that he is a huge fan. Bruce explains that he is a serial killer and is trying to raise his numbers. He shows him Mary Kay's body in the trunk, dubbing her as number six. Bruce tells him he'll reach eight after he goes after Brooke and Donna for removing his thumbs. Ramirez approves of him and Bruce offers to go after Richter. Ramirez tells him that Richter is actually Mr. Jingles and that Satan will show them the way to him. Ramirez draws a pentagram into the sand and cuts himself to spill his blood on it.

Brooke and Donna relax in their hotel room until they hear a knock on the door. Donna looks through the peephole and it is Stacey. Brooke begs her not to open the door, but Donna does so anyway. Stacey greets Donna by her name, much to her shock. Stacey claims that she knows who they are and if they want to know how, they would have to follow her. Stacey leads them to her hotel room. She explains that she has done a lot of research on Donna and her history. Stacey knew Brooke was alive because she had paid fifteen hundred dollars for her execution tape. She had recognized that Donna was the executioner and had faked Brooke's death. The only thing Stacey couldn't figure out was the motive. Brooke responds that they're out for revenge. Brooke decides that she will tell Stacey everything for her new book as long as she doesn't expose them and if she sneaks them into Camp Redwood. Stacey agrees to the conditions.

Brooke tells her that Margaret Booth was responsible for the murders in 1970 and had framed Richter. Brooke also mentions that Margaret had framed her for the murders in 1984, but she admits that she did kill Montana out of self-defense. Stacey is astounded and promises that she'll buy them first class tickets to Paris if they can prove it to her.

Richter wakes up in the forest and is overwhelmed with emotion. Jonas walks up to him and tells him dying as a ghost for the first time feels the absolute worst. Richter asks how many times Jonas has died and Jonas can't recall. He explains that he's lost pieces of his memory over time. Richter refuses to accept that he will forget his motive to kill Ramirez and protect Bobby.

Trevor and Montana smoke in a bed after they are finished having sex. Trevor questions everything about ghosts and Montana explains that they can feel everything but always have a constant longing. She hates being stuck to Camp Redwood and only feels good when killing people. Trevor admits he hates Margaret and loves Montana. After they leave the cabin, Trevor and Montana kiss while Margaret watches from the distance.

Ramirez and Bruce begin trying to track Richter down. Ramirez wants to kill Richter for betraying him back in 1985. Xavier appears in front of them and Ramirez questions who he is. He explains that he is Richter's victim and beckons them to follow him. Xavier takes them to Richter's corpse. Richter appears and stabs Xavier. Bruce is incredibly confused how Richter is standing right in front of them, when his corpse is right there. Richter tells Bruce that he should leave or he will die. Bruce complies and leaves Ramirez with him. Ramirez, who is irate, asks who killed him. Richter tells Ramirez that he killed himself. Ramirez threatens that he will kill his son, Bobby. Richter tells Ramirez that he will kill him so he can't leave the camp grounds. Out of nowhere, Richter is shot in the head by Margaret. Bruce inquires who she is and Margaret points her gun at him. Ramirez assures that Bruce is with him. Margaret decides to make a plan with the two of them.

Brooke and Donna take Stacey to Camp Redwood to show her how the events unfolded that night. Brooke takes her to the spot where she was caught up in the net while Ramirez and Richter fought to the death. At first, Brooke wonders if Stacey even believes her. Stacey does and wants a story to sell. Donna is worried that she will expose them. Brooke reassures her that they won't, because she will take Stacey to the shack and kill her. Donna reminds Brooke that she is not a murderer. But Brooke tells her that she has changed in prison. She calls for Stacey to come follow her.

Richter wakes up and finds himself dangling from a tree. The ghosts, especially Xavier, are still infuriated with Richter. Xavier goes on a spiel that Richter ruined his life by causing his facial burns and he had opportunities to launch his acting career. Richter begs that they let him kill Ramirez, but the ghosts don't want him around. Richter pleads that Ramirez will kill Bobby if he doesn't. Xavier is not sympathetic about the situation and Montana chimes in that Ramirez does not kill children. Richter tells Montana that Ramirez has changed since she met him and that Montana was his muse that sparked his murder sprees. Xavier, Chet, Ray are all disgusted that Montana had dated Ramirez and was responsible for bringing him to the camp.

Brooke takes Stacey to the shack as Donna waits outside. She tells Stacey that Margaret drugged her with horse tranquilizers but then admits it was Donna. Brooke tells Stacey that Donna played an active role in Mr. Jingles coming to the camp. She tells Stacey to close her eyes so she could imagine how Brooke felt during that night. Brooke pulls out a knife and is about to slash her throat, but is interrupted by Donna who pulls her away. Donna tells Stacey to run as she holds onto Brooke. Donna redirects her to their plan of getting revenge towards Margaret and to not feed into the evil.

Stacey continues to run and is stopped by Ramirez. She is surprised to see Margaret as well and believes Brooke's story. Ramirez grabs Stacey and places his knife against her throat. Stacey pleads that they can use her writing abilities or she will not write anything at all about them. Ramirez and Bruce both stab Stacey in the throat. Margaret tells the two that they will kill all the music artists in the festival. Margaret will make millions by developing Camp Redwood as an 80's memoriam for the music artists. The two agree, but Ramirez requests that they do not touch Billy Idol.

Trevor finds Montana all alone in the forest. He tells Montana that he will kill himself so they can be together forever. Montana snaps at him and goes on a long tirade that Trevor doesn't know her. She is upset for being blamed as the one responsible for Ramirez being a murderer. Trevor tries to calm her down and explains that her past does not define her. Montana wishes to never see Trevor again and tells him to leave.

Richter is tied up as he lays on the dock. Xavier, Keith and Larry decide to stab him as Richter begs them that he wants to protect his son. They place Richter on a boat to bleed out as he drifts onto the lake. Richter sobs and apologizes to Bobby. He sits up and sees Montana watching him from the shore. Suddenly, the rotting corpse of Bobby jumps up from behind Richter and pulls him underwater.

Richter wakes up and sees his young brother, Bobby. Bobby tells him a joke and goes to play by the lake's shore. Richter is confused and sees his mother, Lavinia, setting up a picnic. Richter believes he's failed his son and Lavinia reassures him. She is grateful that Richter has returned Bobby back to her. Bobby wants Richter to stay with them and asks if they could play together. Richter takes his hand and follows him.

Featured Characters[]

Stacey Phillips[]

Stacey Phillips is a guest starring character in American Horror Story portrayed by Stefanie Black. Stacey is a journalist and favorite fan of The Camp Redwood Murders. She meets Donna and Brooke in a diner and she pretends to not know who they actually are. Stacey later shows up at Donna's apartment saying she knows who they are. Brooke and Donna decide to take her to Redwood and explain what is going on. Brooke almost kills her, because she was afraid Stacey might have told everyone Brooke is alive, but Donna stops her and Stacey almost escapes Redwood but she is caught by Ramirez and Bruce and was killed.


  • Margaret Booth to Courtney: " Kajagoogoo is dead!"
  • Bruce to Mary Kay Saleswoman: "We're trying to listen to Credence!"
  • Stacey Phillips: "It's funny, because back in the '70s, all anyone cared about was Bigfoot and aliens, the Loch Ness Monster, all that Leonard Nimony In Search of... shit."


  • Ryan Murphy, the creator of the show, said that if paying attention to the episode, one might find a clue to the theme of Season 10.
  • Donna references the slasher movie trope of the 'final girl'. In reality, this term wasn't coined until three years after the episode is set, in 1992.

Cultural References[]

Raised Questions[]

  • Will Benjamin have a happily ever after? 
  • Is Brooke capable of murder?
  • Will Donna and Brooke be "final girls"?
  • Who will survive?




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