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Return to Roanoke Opening
How many times do we have to tell you this is real?
Lee Harris to Audrey Tindall and Monet Tumusiime[src]

"Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell" is a made-for-television reality show series and a sequel to the successful My Roanoke Nightmare. The show was planned by producers but never aired on television due to its disturbing content, as all but one participant were killed during filming.


Originally, Sidney Aaron James was going to do a sequel to My Roanoke Nightmare about the cast and crew who are forced to spend three days in the Roanoke House while strange occurances begin to happen, this was mostly token negatively among fans, but Sidney's plans for this sequel were cut short when all of the main cast were murdered by a possessed Lee Harris and the actual real Lost Colony, including himself, who was axed in the stomach by Agnes Mary Winstead.




Every cast member of Return to Roanoke died in the span of those three days, except for Lee Harris, who was possessed by Scáthach at the time. Many of cast did not return including William van Henderson, Ashley Gilbert and Brian Wells. While doing a Spirit Chasers episode, cast member Ashley Gilbert was stabbed in the stomach by Piggy Man.

Unrelated Cast:[]

During the production for Return To Roanoke, three teenagers, hoping to get famous by posting pictures of the private house on social media accounts were also murdered during the production by the Lost Colony with their deaths being recorded all on their iCloud accounts.