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Riley Schmidt (February 11, 1976), is an actor, businessman, and model.

Work on American Horror Story[]

Riley Schmidt first appeared in Murder as a stunt double for Rubber Man, and reprised the role for Apocalypse. Schmidt appeared in a co-starring role in 1984, portraying an unnamed orderly.


  • He is one of seven actors to work on both American Horror Story and Scream Queens. The others are Cathy Marks, Colton Haynes, Dalton E. Gray, Emma Roberts, and Skyler Samuels.
  • Riley is one of twenty-five cast members who portrayed the same character in different seasons. He played Rubber Man in both Murder House and Apocalypse.


Episode appearances for Riley Schmidt
Story or Series Character Episodes
Murder House Rubber Man
Apocalypse Rubber Man The Morning After
1984 Orderly Final Girl