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Ruby McDaniel is a ghost with sociopathic tendencies. She is a character in American Horror Stories portrayed by Kaia Gerber.


Ruby's parents died from car crash when she was six. She was sent to live with her uncle Tony. She'd never met him before, but she thinks Tony was cool at first. Tony spent the first year getting Ruby toys for no reason and having ice cream for dinner, and teaching her how to ride a bike and add factions. As Ruby was some orphan kid, Tony could've given her a hag and she would've loved him. The first time Tony hurt Ruby was on Christmas. Tony bought himself a little low - volt cattle prod. A couple of days later, Ruby got her first spanking for leaving the top off the toothpaste. She was bleeding for two days from it. Tony saved the real coup de grace for her 16th birthday. He promised her a gift she would never forget. He loaded her in the car and they drove for six hours into the desert in Arizona. Ruby thought maybe he was just gonna killing her and bury her out here. But then they got to Tucson and pulled into one of those shitty suburban developments. Tony was pissing his pants and so excited.

A car pulled into the driveway and he got out his phone to videotape her as she watched the couple who lived here get out of their car. It was Ruby's parents. They never died and Tony wasn't Ruby's uncle. He was just some prick they sold her to when they were done with her. Ruby didn't even cry when she saw them and she just let herself die inside. All she felt was pain and hate and she wanted to kill every living thing she saw or thought about. Fortunately the person she hated the most was herself, so she decided to kill herself first and save the world all the trouble. She returned to Los Angeles and decided to kill herself in the Murder House, thinking it would make the news. Instead, the realtor who was listing the house buried her in the backyard.

Personality and Appearance[]

Ruby used to be an innocent girl. Possibly due to the influence of her "uncle" Tony and Satan, Ruby has became violent and hated every living things. She has black and slightly curly hair which is neither long nor short. She often wears a string of conspicuous pearls. After hearing Tony being tormented from Scarlett, her soul finds "peace" and she became more amiable. She starts to be friendly to the ghosts around.


Ruby chases a ghostly Gladys down the stairs to the basement, where Rubber Woman Scarlett awaits. Together, they make short work of stabbing the ghost nurse to "death". Elated, the two women relax together in the tub. The new woman describes her interactions with her sadistic uncle Tony when she was young, while Scarlett explores the woman's nude scarred back. She urges Scarlett to kill herself so that the two can be together forever. Scarlett considers this as the ghost vanishes into the bathwater.

While they muse on life after death, Scarlett makes Ruby promise that she won't cut her life short. As they explore street faire, they encounter Shanti. Shanti is upset that Scarlett pays her little attention now that Ruby is in her life, and Shanti runs off. Scarlett follows her, and tries to talk her down. Shanti believes Scarlett has not returned to school — not because she's traumatized — because Scarlett fits the traits of a psychopath. Scarlett tries to explain that she keeps Shanti away for her own safety, but Shanti knows that Scarlett killed the girls. She has covered for her former friend out of guilt, but now wants nothing to do with her. Scarlett leaves, and Maya's foursome takes the opportunity to attempt an attack on Shanti. Before they can hurt her, Ruby emerges to protect Shanti. The girls leave, and Ruby says they will not bother Shanti again. Shanti urges Ruby that if she really loves Scarlett that she will set her free.

Scarlett wanders a "haunted house", and finds Ruby enjoying some carnage. The foursome track Scarlett down, as they have realized that Scarlett is vulnerable off-premises and will die without a ghost. Ruby tells her to run, and they give chase. Nicole, one of the four, is recognized by William, her brother.

Scarlett hides until Ruby finds her, and they walk home. The foursome bar Scarlett's entry, and Scarlett pleads with Ruby that she needs to live her life elsewhere. She just wants an opportunity to get her things and say goodbye to her dads. William asks Nicole if he can tell about her to mom and dad. As they enter, Nicole tells William that the police should find the bodies in the house, and Ruby chimes in that he should claim Ruby killed them all.

The family says their goodbyes, and Scarlett leaves the Murder House. Ruby hugs her on the way out, and they profess their love for each other.

10 months later, Ruby's cell phone rings. Scarlett has called during extended-family breakfast with some news: Scarlett has found "Uncle" Tony, and Rubber Woman is going to ensure it is his last day on Earth. When Halloween comes, the two lovers will reunite.