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Dr. Rudy Vincent (real name Vincent Anderson) is a psychiatrist who treated Ally Mayfair-Richards, and helped her to cope with her many phobias. He is a character in Cult portrayed by Cheyenne Jackson.


Rudy Vincent was raised in a suburban home. He has two younger siblings Kai and Winter. His father was a lawyer who was paralyzed from the waist down in a motorcycle accident. This caused his father who was said to be firm but fair with his wife and children to turn abusive. In 2014 he was just getting his practice up and running when he received a phone call from his younger brother calling him to the family home. He arrived to find that his mother had killed his father and then herself. Concerned about losing the house and his sister not having the funds to finish college he convinces Kai that they should cover up the murder-suicide. He also states that he doesn't want to explain to new clients that his parents murdered each other. He decides they should put them in the bed cover them with lye and padlock the door. He and Kai lock pinkies and then carry out his plan. When Kai asks what he should say to Winter he tells Kai to wait until Thanksgiving when she comes home from break and tells her then.[3]

Personality and Appearance[]

Dr. Rudy Vincent presents himself as a friendly and affable therapist, willing to listen to the needs of his patients. He is quite pragmatic, focusing on problems and situations that he is able to handle without over thinking on events outside his reach.

Dr. Rudy Vincent is an average good looking man, with ice blue eyes, short black hair and a body kept in shape with TRX gym workouts.


Dr. Vincent held a therapy session with Ally in which they talked about her many phobias, including trypophobia triggered by a porous coral on one library's shelves in his study. Since Ally's phobias were intensified due to the negative impact that Donald Trump's election had on her, Dr. Vincent prescribed her some mild medication to control her anxiety. At the end of the session, they briefly talked about how to try to be less dependent on social networks, thus avoiding triggering, even more, anxiety for situations that went beyond their ability to intervene.[4]

Worried because Ally had missed one of their therapy sessions, Dr. Vincent and Ivy organized an informal meeting between Ally and the therapist at Mayfair-Richards house. Dr. Vincent expressed his concerns about Ally's growing paranoia and agoraphobia, fueled by the discovery of the corpse of one of The Butchery on Main's employees. The psychiatrist was also against the fact that Ally had taken a gun to safeguard her family security, but because of physician–patient privilege, he could not warn Ivy.[5]

Dr. Vincent held a therapy session with Mark and Rosie, a couple that was affected negatively by her phobia. The therapist complimented the woman for becoming able to overcome her taphophobia, the fear of being buried alive. Afterwards, speaking at the telephone Dr. Vincent helped Ally react to the harassment that the woman was facing following the accidental death of Pedro Morales. Since the shooting was caused by Ally's phobias becoming increasingly rooted, the therapist suggested a short hospitalization in an inpatient facility, so Ally and the people she cares about would not be harmed. While talking to Ally, Dr. Vincent lined up some pin-back button with emoji on them.[6]

Dr. Vincent continued holding therapy sessions with Ally, complimenting her progress in taking responsibility for her own health despite some unpleasant side effects caused by Ally's trypophobia, i.e. causing wounds in an attempt to scratch away her skin's pores.[3]

Dr. Rudy Vincent received an unexpected visit from Ally to his office, asking him to keep Meadow Wilton safe while she was looking for a way to escape the horror that had recently swallowed her life. Unbeknownst to the woman, Rudy left Meadow free to leave the office as soon as Kai called to her.[7]

Following the mass shooting during one of Kai Anderson's rally, Rudy visited his brother's house to compliment him about the progress he's making to spread his message. However, when Kai suggested to his brother to addressing him as "councilman," Rudy was slightly confused. Concerned about the real goals of his brother, and the means used to accomplish them, Rudy warned Ally about the danger coming from Kai. Showing her a family photograph, he explains that Kai is his brother. Ally also realizes that Winter (Ivy's new lover) is Kai and Rudy's sister. She suddenly realizes that Kai accessed Rudy's files on her and he says he will ensure that Ally is reunited with her son, Oz, by having Kai institutionalised.

However, Ally, in order to secure her position in FIT, reveals Rudy's intentions to Kai, gaining his trust and allowing her access to Oz.

Afterwards, a hooded Beverly Hope and Rudy are led into Anderson's inner sanctum with the accusation of betrayal. Rudy begs to be set free but admits that he's trying to get Kai healthier. Kai reveals that Rudy created the "pinky-power" ritual, Kai engages Rudy in the ritual, before severing his pinky, with Winter unmasking herself a moment later. Kai follows through, slashing Rudy's throat before he is dragged away.[8]


  • The character's real name is actually Dr. Vincent Anderson, however he goes by Dr. Rudy Vincent to distance himself from his brother, Kai Anderson's, movement. This was also a promotional strategy before the season aired, so that viewers didn't know they were siblings until episode 5, Holes.
  • He is a Hillary Clinton supporter.
  • Dr. Vincent is the only main character of Cult not to form part of FIT.
  • Dr. Rudy Vincent is the third character portrayed by Cheyenne Jackson. For a complete list of his characters, see Cast.
  • This is the third character named Rudy in the American Horror Story series. The first was Rudy, a patient at Briarcliff Manor in Asylum; the second was Rudolph Valentino, Rudy for short, in Hotel.

Dr. Vincent is the fourth psychiatrist appearing in the American Horror Story franchise. The first was Dr. Ben Harmon in Murder House, the second was Dr. Oliver Thredson in Asylum and the third was an unidentified doctor who briefly treated Dandy Mott in Freak Show.

Some fans have hypothesized the theory that Dr. Thredson and Dandy Mott's doctor were one and the same. If that's the case, Dr. Vincent would be the third to appear.


  • To Ally: "I don't need to know every crazy thing that's happening in the world, especially if there's nothing I can do about it."
  • To Ally: "People are projecting a lot of their own anxiety and anger onto you. Just be careful. Thank you. Talk soon."



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