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Scarlett Lowe is the daughter of Alex Lowe and John Lowe and the younger sister of Holden. She is a character in Hotel primarily portrayed by Shree Crooks.


Scarlett is the daughter of Alex and John Lowe and the younger sister of Holden. The Lowes used to be a happy family until Holden got kidnapped and their lives changed forever.

Personality and Appearance[]

She is a vibrant and intelligent tween with blonde hair and dark blue eyes. She struggles to remember her long-missing brother's face and still dreams of him.


Scarlett spends each evening either reading to or being read to by her father, whether he is at home or work. John comes home to find Alex leaving and he takes Scarlett out for dinner.  When John got an emergency text from Alex he takes Scarlett and goes. He goes to the house that Alex texted help for. He tells one of the guards to watch Scarlett. Scarlett, when the guard walks away, gets out the car to find her farther. She sees two men disembolowed on their beds and screams and John comes and covers her eyes.

Scarlett finds John in the hotel excited saying all the things she did that day. Scarlett is invited to the fashion show of Will Drake and develops a friendship with his son, Lachlan. He shows her an empty indoor pool with four glass coffins and four towheaded children sleeping in them. In one of the coffins, she sees her long-gone brother, Holden, and comes back the other day to talk to him. When she comes to the pool, she finds the coffins opened and empty. She hears noises coming from video games and when she follows them, she finds the game room for the Countess' children. There she sees her brother who hasn't grown up even a bit. She shows him some family photos and finds out that he still recognizes their parents. However, he won't go with her, because he feels the hotel as his home. When she takes a photo to prove to her parents that Holden is still alive, he tries to bite her. Scarlett runs away in the hallway to find Sally grab her arm and Sally starts to crunch her teeth to together and breaks them and Scarlett runs. When she comes back home, she finds her worried parents who called the police thinking she's been also kidnapped. They don't believe her about Holden and start an argument when she starts talking about him.

When a therapist comes to their home to relax them, she asks her to tell every single thing that she remembers about seeing Holden at Hotel Cortez. She says that he was different. He didn't have normal feelings like any other human and he smelled like lavender, which reminded Alex that she used to love his lavender smell when he was a baby and possibly made her believe that he is really still alive. On Halloween Scarlett calls John to tell him that she will be staying at her grandmother's house and dosen't want to go trick or treating. John says yes and hangs up. John brings Scarlett home and says that it is embarassing when your freind asks you when are you leaving and your mom dosen't pick up the phone. Scarlett asks John if he will be staying since he dosen't live there and he says yes. Scarlett goes up to her room upset and crying. John finds her and talks to her and she notices the blood on his shirt and he says there was an accident at the hotel and he leaves the room. Scarlett is then seen watching a cartoon on TV, when John notices Bartholomew and shots at him she gets up terrifed he will kill her.  Andy later comes and picks up Scarlett and drops her off at her grandmother's house. Scarlett is brought home by her parents with Holden and asks him if he knows where his room is and he says no. Alex takes him and John goes to the dinning room to get fruit for Scarlett but it is all rotten. Scarlett asks him how long he has been gone and he says long enough. John says that now that they have Holden everything will go back to normal. Scarlett dosen't like that he never ages though. Scarlett also wonders how they will drink their blood and John says he will take care of that. John goes home to find his family but they were kidnapped by Elizabeth. 

Some time later, running out of options with their family on the run, Scarlett decides for them to go back to the hotel. Alex, Holden, and John reuniite with the others there but John knows the Cortez is not a safe place for an innocent human girl like Scarlett to grow up.

Scarlett is sent to the Thatcher Boarding School when the rest of her family decided to live in the Cortez. In the not too distant future, Scarlett is all grown up on Devil's Night with her family while they sleep on the bed and she sleeps on the chair. 


  • To John: "Lizzy Cooper threw up in the middle of spelling. It was gross and awesome at the same time. The boys are calling her Lizzy Puker now."
  • Scarlett (to John)
    Shouldn't we ask if any of this fish is from Japan?
  • Scarlett (To John)
    I'm getting a little big for the family bed. I'll take the chair.


  • Scarlett is portrayed by Shree Crooks in present day and Kenley Smyth in flashbacks.
  • Scarlett is the first character to be named 'Scarlett'. And the other one being Scarlett Winslow in Rubber(wo)Man and Game Over.