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Scarlett Winslow is a teenager with a morbid fascination for sexual sadism. She is a character in American Horror Stories portrayed by Sierra McCormick. Once she donned the Rubber Woman suit, Scarlett found her true calling.


Michael and Troy have been together for twenty years, welcoming a daughter into their marriage. When Scarlett was three, she was kidnapped for ten days and this left her parents extremely protective and overbearing.

Personality and Appearance[]

Scarlett is a teenager with short red wavy bob hair. She was born on June 26. She is one of the few people who like sexual violence and BDSM videos. Her addiction may have come from being kidnapped when she was three, however, she doesn't remember anything after the abduction, or being overprotected by her parents. It can also be said that Satan influenced her, like what he did to Tate, which causes her to do something wrong and violent, such as stabbing her father's arm. Herself a sexual sadism, coupled with the the Satan's influence upon the Murder House, Scarlett has become an unpardonably wicked serial killer who gets pleasure from killing.


Michael, Troy and Scarlett are the newest residents of the "Murder House". An ominous mobile of animal bones hangs outside. Scarlett explores the premises, still under renovation. The family knows the alleged history of the massacres that took place within, and intend to turn it into a tourist attraction. Scarlett is worried about failure far more than they are concerned about ghosts.

While she unpacks, a red ball rolls towards Scarlett's feet. Looking for the source, a closet door opens. Inside hangs the Rubber Man suit. Scarlett takes it back to her room and quickly dresses in it, admiring the effect in the mirror. Blackened eyes glare back at her, and she quickly tosses it in the outside garbage can.

Later in school, Scarlett distractedly listens to a lecture on the nature of the brain. When asked, she says that shame is a far greater motivator than fear. Maya, a model, flirts with her once class ends.

In her room, Scarlett imagines being with Maya sexually. The fantasy quickly turns violent, and Scarlett climaxes at the thought of choking Maya. Once asleep, Rubber Man descends from Scarletts ceiling — though this too is seemingly a nighmarish fantasy that wakes her in a cold sweat.

Maya slips into Scarlett's DMs, and they both muse about not being out publicly at school. Maya invites Scarlett for a sleepover with other friends, which initially concerns Scarlett. Maya swears that she will protect Scarlett from her friends.

As Michael and Troy continue the remodeling, uncovering the disturbing mural on the walls of the old music room. They call her aside and confront her about sadistic porn that they have discovered she has been watching. They are concerned, because this has happened before and they feel she may be unable to normalize her dark tastes later. They ground her for lying about stopping, but she quickly begs to have therapy in exchange for allowance to go to Maya's party.

In her room, Scarlett is trying to decide what to wear, and finds her current selection lacking and her internet browsing locked down. Her closet door opens, exposing the Rubber Man suit, into which she quickly dresses. Once again, her eyes blacken. She enters her fathers' bedroom with a kitchen knife in hand. This terrifies her parents until she takes off the hood. They demand she get rid of it, and she reflexively slashes Troy's arm.

The family is visited by Dr. Andi Grant, a therapist who responds that the porn habits are normal but that the violent act the night before was not. The therapist feels that such behavior has to have a cause, and is not on the same level as simple pranks. Troy describes Scarlett's kidnapping (for 10 days) when Scarlett was 3. Scarlett was not harmed and doesn't remember the incident, but her parents became overprotective and think it may have had an effect on her. The therapist is more concerned about the home in which they're living, and all the dark history behind it. The hour ends, and the therapist excuses herself. As she leaves, Michael insists that Scarlett will not be attending the slumber party. Scarlett leaves angry, heading to her room.

Maya texts the grounded Scarlett, wondering where she is. Scarlett explains the circumstances, and Maya responds with a suggestion that Scarlett sneak out. She does, slipping past her sleeping fathers. At the slumber party, Maya's friends muse about their generation being superficial and fake. Maya responds that Scarlett is the only "real" person present, and that she stands up for her convictions. One friend suggests that it's because Scarlett is a lesbian, which is met by shushing that Scarlett isn't out yet. Scarlett explains that she simply doesn't want to be objectified or fetishized for her sexuality. Maya and Scarlett leave the living room to retrieve some pajamas, and Maya is impressed by Scarlett's lingerie. They become intimate, but Scarlett questions how serious Maya's intentions are. Maya insists she is serious, and they begin to make out. Scarlett admits that she is a virgin, which Maya is concerned about (as she doesn't know what to do). Scarlett explains her BDSM fetish, which intrigues Maya. Scarlett's phone begins chiming, and she sees text messages from her friend Shanti warning her that Maya has set her up and that her BDSM confession is being live-streamed. She runs past Maya's laughing friends, humiliated. Once in the car, a call to Shanti confirms that the stream saw her undressed and talking in detail about the fetish. She drives home, weeping, and does not wake her fathers in bed.

Scarlett calls Maya to tell her that she intends to kill herself and leave a note explaining Maya and her friends' actions driving her to it. This would ruin their lives and they could be found criminally liable. Scarlett threatens that she will do it unless they all come to her house immediately. The Rubber Man suit is next to her on her bed.

The four friends warily enter the Murder House through the open door. The door slams closed behind them and they can not reopen it. Scarlett texts the four to come down to the basement. Troy and Bryan await them at the bottom of the stairs as the upper door locks them in. The lights flicker and darken, and Infantata chases them into Scarlett (now the Rubber Woman) who stabs them all.

The next morning, the fathers find Scarlett remodeling. They think she has turned over a new leaf, and invite her to breakfast below. Once they have left, the therapist (now a ghost) suggests they have a session. Scarlett feels she has resolved her issues, and opens a door to find the Rubber Man waiting for her on the other side.

A woman with a switchblade chases a ghostly Gladys down the stairs to the basement, where Rubber Woman Scarlett awaits. Together, they make short work of stabbing the ghost nurse to "death". Elated, the two women relax together in the tub. The new woman describes her interactions with her sadistic uncle Tony when she was young, while Scarlett explores the woman's nude scarred back. She urges Scarlett to kill herself so that the two can be together forever. Scarlett considers this as the ghost vanishes into the bathwater.

Halloween has come again. Investigators looking for the missing girls explain that they know Scarlett called Maya after the livestream and that cell phone positioning shows them all driving to the Murder House the night they disappeared. Though the car was found at Maya's house, the cell phones disappeared at the Murder House. They say they will be in touch. Scarlett's fathers ask her if there's something she wants to tell them, but Scarlett suggests a ghost killed them.

That night in her room, Scarlett is visited by her therapist, who again wants to schedule a session. The ghosts of the missing four girls impale the ghost and menace Scarlett. The ghostly teen from before arrives to scare them away.

At a therapy session, the fathers tell Dr Grant that they are concerned that even Scarlett's friend Shanti does not visit. Troy discloses that Michael "thinks" he saw the ghost of Piggy Man, as Grant and Scarlett are unamused. Troy wants them to sell and cut their losses, but Michael is scared that the rumors about the haunted house might be true. Scarlett says that she wants to stay.

Scarlett arrives home and calls after her dads. She finds the exposed crawlspace with new corpses added, and her dads bodies in their bedroom. In a surprise session with Dr Grant, the parents are surprised that they did not remember being murdered; the therapist explains that it's common to repress the trauma of their own murders. She muses that she and the other therapist are working on a book about the phenomenon. Scarlett explains to the ghosts that her girlfriend killed them to keep her around; while they may think it is not safe for her, she has no intention of leaving. She leaves to get dressed for a Halloween outing. She dons the Rubber Man suit, and — because of the special Halloween rules for ghosts — is able to leave with her ghostly girlfriend. Overhearing this new wrinkle in the rules, the four teen girls plot to kill Scarlett outside the house.

While they muse on life after death, Scarlett makes Ruby promise that she won't cut her life short. As they explore street faire, they encounter Shanti. Shanti is upset that Scarlett pays her little attention now that Ruby is in her life, and Shanti runs off. Scarlett follows her, and tries to talk her down. Shanti believes Scarlett has not returned to school — not because she's traumatized — because Scarlett fits the traits of a psychopath. Scarlett tries to explain that she keeps Shanti away for her own safety, but Shanti knows that Scarlett killed the girls. She has covered for her former friend out of guilt, but now wants nothing to do with her. Scarlett leaves, and Maya's foursome takes the opportunity to attempt an attack on Shanti. Before they can hurt her, Ruby emerges to protect Shanti. The girls leave, and Ruby says they will not bother Shanti again. Shanti urges Ruby that if she really loves Scarlett that she will set her free.

Scarlett wanders a "haunted house", and finds Ruby enjoying some carnage. The foursome track Scarlett down, as they have realized that Scarlett is vulnerable off-premises and will die without a ghost. Ruby tells her to run, and they give chase. Nicole, one of the four, is recognized by William, her brother.

Scarlett hides until Ruby finds her, and they walk home. The foursome bar Scarlett's entry, and Scarlett pleads with Ruby that she needs to live her life elsewhere. She just wants an opportunity to get her things and say goodbye to her dads. William asks Nicole if he can tell about her to mom and dad. As they enter, Nicole tells William that the police should find the bodies in the house, and Ruby chimes in that he should claim Ruby killed them all.

The family says their goodbyes, and Scarlett leaves the Murder House. Ruby hugs her on the way out, and they profess their love for each other.

10 months later, Ruby's cell phone rings. Scarlett has called during extended-family breakfast with some news: Scarlett has found "Uncle" Tony, and Rubber Woman is going to ensure it is his last day on Earth. When Halloween comes, the two lovers will reunite.


  • Scarlett: "Fear isn't what stops us from doing what we want."
  • Scarlett: "Shame is what keep us from being our true selves."
  • Scarlett: "Pain and shame turn me on. It turns every girl on. Haven't you seen Fifty Shades of Grey?"