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Sidney Aaron James is the pedantic creator and executive producer of "My Roanoke Nightmare". He is a character in Roanoke portrayed by Cheyenne Jackson.


Sidney Aaron James is the selfish mastermind behind the creation of the famous television show "My Roanoke Nightmare", and its sequel, "Return to Roanoke: Three Days In Hell", the latter of which he died during its production.

Personality and Appearance[]

Sidney is a meticulous screenwriter with a flair for business. Totally skeptical about the supernatural, he is a man of questionable morals. Temperamentally difficult, Sidney is devious and selfish and able to put business before any other subject, including bereavement.

Sidney is a tall man of average build, with black hair, a well-trimmed beard, and piercing blue eyes.


Sidney Aron James, is the selfish mastermind behind My Roanoke Nightmare and it's spin-off reality tv series Return To Roanoke: three Days In Hell. Sidney isn't seemingly liked by the actors in Roanoke and the other Crew members. When Sidney goes to a Pitch meeting with the board of directors of an unknown channel, he pitches the idea of Return to Roanoke: Three Days In Hell. Whuch was a reality series, where everyone form My roanoke Nightmare would return to the Old Manor and survive the blood moon.

The board of directors accept the pitch and Sidney decides to start contacting everyone. When Sidney starts interviewing Agnes we learn what happened to her after My Roanoke Nightmare. Sidney soon mentions Agnes's psychological issues, which causes Agnes some Distress. Agnes mentions how she needs to be in Roanoke Three Days In Hell, because "There Is No Roanoke, without the butcher" Sidney then makes things by telling Agnes that here is a restraining order on her. When Sidney and his producer along with the small crew walk out of the Mental Facility that Agnes had been staying in Sidney said how he hoped the Restraining order wouldn't keep Agnes away, because her Psychosis would get them more views.

Sidney then interviews the real Shelby Miller. We then find out that Shelby and Matt's relationship went downhill after My Roanoke Nightmare, and that Shelby went on a Romantic weekend with Damon the actor that played Matt. Sidney then ask's Shelby if she will be apart of Roanoke Three Days In Hell. shelby says yes, as long as Damon isn't there, Sidney agree's. When Sidney walks out of Shelby's place, one of the Producers says that Damon has accepted the offer of being in Roanoke Three days In Hell. Sidney is happy, and once again thinks that the show will get more views if there is more drama.

When Sidney arrives at the Old Manor he is told that there is a dead animal behind one of the set pieces. He goes to look and is asked if the Polk family is involved. sidney replies that the Polk family hasn't been seen, and that they checked. Sidney then goes inside Old Manor and is meets the Special Effects Guy, who shows him faux paranormal scares, just in case things start to get boring. The next day Sidney walks up to Old Manor and is met by one of the producers, he is then showed a video of one of the crew member getting killed by a chainsaw. Weird harmless things start to happen.

Sidney replies to his producer that the death was a small accident and that they can't stop the show now. The producer get mad and says that she quits. She then drives away but is killed in a car accident caused by the pig man. On the night of filming Sidney sits down in his trailer watching what is happening. The actors and real life witness's look out the window and they see Agnes dressed up as the butcher and holding a Cleaver.

They soon call Sidney who comes rushing in with the camera crew suprised. He says that they should just be careful and everything will be okay. A few hours later we see Sidney with one of the camera guys watching the computer screens hanging on the walls. The screens show the cast in the Old Manor.

A crew member walks in holding food. The Camera man replies saying that he wanted a salad. The crew member says that is South Carolina and that you ca only get fried chicken. When the Crew member walks outside she is met by Agnes who is dressed and acting like the butcher.

Agnes then kills the Crew Member with the Cleaver. Sidney starts to eat his salad when the Caera Man points out that Rory had just been killed by the psycho ghost nurses. Sidney is skeptical. They soon hear the Crew Member scream and they decide to go investigate.

They Exit the trailer, and then they see the dead body. Agnes kills the Camera Man with the Cleaver. sidney then starts to run but Agnes catches up and slices Sidney in the stomach, killing him.



  • Sidney: "We rolling? The camera never stops, no matter what!"
  • Imitating Cricket's accent: "That’s a callback to Cricket’s séance!"
  • Sidney: "Reality is what we make of it."



  1. In Chapter 3 only his voice can be heard.
  2. In Chapter 4 only his voice can be heard.
  3. In Chapter 5 only his voice can be heard.
  4. In Chapter 9, he appears as a corpse.