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Siobhan Corbyn is a publicist and Anna's best friend. She is a character in American Horror Story: Delicate portrayed by Kim Kardashian.



We first meet Siobhan in “Multiply Thy Pain”. She talks to Anna about getting her on a late night show. She then gives Anna a doll to sign from an old show that she was in. As Anna checks an email, Siobhan points out to her how the doll had mysteriously ended up in her bag. When Anna claims that she didn’t put it there, Siobhan puts it down to Anna just needing a nap. Later on in the scene, she and Anna talk about how her career had blossomed since her time as a commercial star before then leading into a conversation about Siobhan’s own IVF journey and how it failed. Further into the episode, she is seen getting Anna ready for her late night show, referring to her as a “Vision”. After the doll from earlier appeared in Anna’s dressing room, Siobhan assumes it to be a joke.

In episode 2 titled "Rockabye”, Siobhan holds a surprise party for Anna after she was nominated for a Gotham Award. Siobhan then brings up Anna’s stalker who had gone into Anna’s house the other night. She tells her to pull it together and explains to her the severity of Anna winning this award. She gives her a bottle containing B12 along with a box for Anna to take with her. Later on Siobhan gives Anna a dress worn by Madonna during the 1991 Oscar’s. We then see Siobhan attend the Gotham awards with her witnessing Anna collapsing on stage. She helps Anna relax back at home and attempts to calm her as Anna realises how she had blown her chance for an Oscar nomination.

Siobhan appears in “When The Bough Breaks”, as she visits Anna and walks in on her in a manic state. She explains to Anna how she had called her a few hours prior but listens as Anna insists that it had only been a few seconds. Siobhan is later seen walking on the beach next to Anna where she tells her how she had her booked for the cover of VOGUE magazine.

Personality and Appearance[]

Siobhan appears as a beautiful young woman with long dark hair and deep brown eyes, often seen adorned in professional or opulent designer wear with floral affectations embroidered in the designs, expensive jewelry to match, and immaculate makeup on, always with a signature brown lipstick. Siobhan borrows heavily from the modern fashion trends of the elite in New York City and Los Angeles, evoking the aesthetic of celebrities and models in magazines, befitting her status as their manager, though every outfit she wears incorporates some element of black, alluding to her true secret nature.

As a businesswoman and Anna’s publicist, Siobhan initially appears to be a fair and supportive albeit slightly impatient individual, by her own self-aware admission confessing she holds others to high standards and frequently voicing her disappointment when these standards are not met. Fiercely protective of her clients, Siobhan shows no qualms about going the distance to maintain her clients’ images in the limelight, creating successful marketing campaigns for them in order to tell convincing stories in the eyes of the media, uphold their personas and cement their aim of receiving award nominations. She even goes so far as to insult associates within the entertainment industry and enforce her employees to do things under the table which breech workplace and ethics violations in the name of her clients being successful, such as having them give blowjobs to those who decide Golden Globes qualifications. Despite her clients’ concerns or self-doubts, Siobhan appears supportive albeit bluntly honest, if somewhat casually dismissive of their feelings, especially if her clients voice apprehension about going forward with certain career moves under Siobhan’s foresight or question her about PR stunts in the wake of upcoming Red Carpet events. Siobhan outright calls them out for not having what it takes to achieve what they set out to and pushes them to follow her advice by keeping their eyes on their end goals. As such, Siobhan has a determination to make them believe in their successes, despite her somewhat frosty demeanor in doing so.

Underneath her facade of a successful Hollywood tycoon, however, Siobhan hides a much darker personality. She appears to lack empathy, though she is highly skilled in faking genuine sincerity, playing the role of a strong support system to her friends and clients while secretly manipulating events behind the scenes in their lives to orchestrate their dependence on her for a darker, hidden goal. A vain and manipulative narcissist, she has a particular distaste for those who ask too many questions or challenge her authority, as displayed when she heartlessly cliticized Hamish Moss’s career and ineffectiveness as a director when asked about where his Oscar-winning script came from, shortly after ending up dead under mysterious circumstances. Siobhan, all the while, showed no emotion regarding the man’s death despite her sexual relationship with him and shrugged it away, revealing herself to be cold and calculated under her veneer of friendship or mutual negotiation. She lacks any hesitation in casually dropping those around her and ending their lives if they stand in the way of her achieving her aims, using her standing position of power to frame everyone’s demise around her as accidents or suicides.

After it is revealed to Anna Victoria Alcott in “The Auteur” that Siobhan is the head of a coven of malevolent witches, she drops all pretenses of her role as a supportive friend and publicist, showcasing her true nature as a selfish, self-absorbed and compassionless witch and Devil worshipper who will not only do anything to retain her eternal youth and beauty, but to remake the world in her own image. Having used dark magic on multiple women over the centuries to frighten, manipulate and subjugate them into being unwilling vessels for demonic children, Siobhan coerces them to willingly hand over their babies to her and either become members of her coven commanded to adhere to her grand designs, or suffer the consequences for having their wishes granted by Siobhan.


Siobhan was a very powerful and ancient witch with origins dating back to at least 42 A.D., having obtained her dark powers and immortality from a pact with Satan, and was shown to possess at least two of the Seven Wonders. She was known as The Auteur and was the leader of the Delicate coven.

  • Immortality - Siobhan was immune to all aging, disease and death due to her pact with Satan.[1] However, this power has been negated and revoked after Anna and Adeline invoked the presence of Hestia against her.[2]
  • Satanic Magic - The magical ability to perform spells and rituals drawing power from Satan. The main chant of Siobhan and her coven was: "Salve o Puer, Ave Satanas! Vivant Liberi Domini Nostri!"
  • Deal Making - Siobhan garnered a successful career over hundreds of years by granting the wishes of others in exchange for them unknowingly giving up their lives or babies, giving them what they asked for only for them to suffer horrible consequences. These deals were always sealed with a kiss.[3][1]
  • Familiars - Siobhan had two personal familiars, magical creatures attached to her that fulfilled all her requests. Siobhan's familiars were her spies; a White Owl and Black Cat that watched over Anna during her pregnancy.[2]
  • Magic Blessing - The ability to bless others with her magical abilities. Siobhan was able to induct several women into her coven and grant them all the powers common to witches, including eternal life. [4][2]
  • Magic Revoking - The ability to revoke the magic she gives. Siobhan could remove the abilities of the women in her coven if they defied her or invoked her wrath, rendering them powerless, mortal and susceptible to being harmed by her.[4][2]
  • Resurgence - The magical ability to bring the dead back to full life. Siobhan was able to resurrect Ivy, Adeline and Sonia. This power was negated and revoked when Adeline and Anna invoked the presence of Hestia against her.[2]
  • Illusion Manipulation - The magical ability to create, shape and manipulate illusions, causing others to see, hear, touch, smell, and/or taste things which do not actually exist, or cause them to perceive things differently from what they truly are. Siobhan used this ability several times to disturb Anna and make her fear for her safety, such as causing her to hallucinate her dead mother after Anna exchanged her unborn baby for an Oscar award and making Anna perceive her legs to be growing black scales out of them, among other occasions.[1]
  • Transmutation - One of the Seven Wonders, The magical ability to move instantaneously from one place to another without physically occupying the space in between. As her disciple witches had this power, it can be assumed Siobhan was able to perform this ability as well.[2]
  • Telekinesis - One of the Seven Wonders, The magical ability to move objects and persons with her mind. Siobhan used this power when her and Anna were dancing in front of a mirror in order to shatter the glass and frighten Anna.
  • Memory Manipulation - Dexter Harding, Sr demanded Delicates to erase Dex's memories of witnessing Siobhan and the other witches with him, implying Siobhan would have needed to have possessed this power as well in order to gift it to her coven.[4]
  • Potioncraft - The ability to create/produce mixtures and substances with magical properties. Given that the witches of the Delicate coven were able to brew blood potions, this knowledge would have to have come from Siobhan.[2]


  • To Anna: "Oh sweetie, I'm obsessed with myself"


  • Siobhan is the first character in American Horror Story to be portrayed by Kim Kardashian
  • Unlike her book counterpart in Delicate Condition, of which Siobhan is loosely based, the show version of Siobhan is deliberately malicious and tries to harm Anna, whereas her book version bares no ill will toward Anna and even reincarnates as her child in order to help her conceive. The book version of Siobhan is also dying of cancer, whereas the show version bares no such illness.
  • Siobhan may take inspiration from the Judeo-Christian concept of Lilith, Adam's first wife before Eve, who was cast out of Heaven because she did not obey her husband and God, making her the "First Witch" and "Mother of Demons." Many elements in the season, like snakes, owls, themes of motherhood, feminism, childbirth, and scenes with apples, referencing the forbidden fruit Eve ate in the Garden of Eden, all feature prominently in Delicate and in the designs of Siobhan's wardrobe, alluding to her true nature as a witch.
  • Thus far, Siobhan was the oldest living witch in the American Horror Story universe, prior to her death in 2024.


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