Missy Stone and Jed Potter
Get thee to a nunnery!
— Hamlet via Shakespeare

Prior to becoming a nun, Judy Martin was a nightclub singer who spent much of her time in a haze of alcohol and sexual promiscuity. It was while in her usual drunken stupor, in 1949, that she hit a young girl with her car and she quickly fled the scene. It was soon after that she was informed by band mate Terry that she had been replaced as vocalist for their group due to her unreliability, and that the police intended to question her regarding the recent hit-and-run. Frantic by this news, she packed her belongings and made a run for it. She drove without direction, drinking along the way, and eventually found herself, literally, on the doorstep of the Catholic Church. Thus began her engagement to Christ under the mentorship of nun and future Mother Superior, Sr. Claudia.

In 1964, now a seasoned nun and administrator of the Briarcliff asylum, Sr. Jude received a new arrival. The Potters had their son, Jed, committed for his terrifying, schizophrenic and violent behavior. They believed him to be possessed by a demon. Though she viewed this as superstition, Sr. Jude administered to the young man as a priest performed an exorcism. She was shocked and angered by his apparent knowledge of her dark past. Her furious response got her removed from the procedure by her superior, Mnsr. Howard. That night, upon Jed's death, the demon found another host to continue her torment.

She continued to receive reminders of her sinful former life; a newspaper article, a child's broken eyeglasses, and the stress was enough for her to return to the comfort of alcohol. Wracked by the renewed guilt and intent on confessing her sin, Sister Jude visited the parents of Missy Stone, the girl she believed she had killed 16 years before. However, she found the girl alive and well and employed as a nurse, the accident a nearly forgotten memory of broken bones and a father's vengeant anger at the one who had hurt his child.

Lana Winters
You're out of your depth, Miss Lana Banana.
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Sr. Jude met Lana Winters when the young reporter, eager for her first byline, attempted to get the scoop on the arrival of Bloody Face under the pretense of reviewing Briarcliff's bakery. The savvy nun saw through her ruse, however, and sent her on her way. When Lana subsequently tricked her way back into the asylum and collected damning evidence regarding its conditions and methods, Sr. Jude had her locked in a cell and then blackmailed Lana's lesbian girlfriend into signing the papers that made her commitment retroactively legal. Sr. Jude then subjected Lana to electric shock therapy in an attempt to erase her incriminating memories.

After being framed for murder and committed to the asylum, the defrocked nun apologized to Lana and promised to get her out of Briarcliff. A promise that she kept with the aid of Mother Claudia.

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