Skyler Rose Samuels (born April 14, 1994) is an American actress who portrayed Twisty's captive, Bonnie Lipton in the fourth season, Freak Show.


Her film work includes the 2009 remake of 1987 thriller The Stepfather and the Brendan Fraser comedy Furry Vengeance (2010). On TV she appeared as succubus Andie Bates on the ABC supernatural crime drama "The Gates". At the 2011 Teen Choice awards, she was nominated as Breakout Star for her titular role in the ABC Family series "The Nine Lives of Chloe King". She has starred in the first season of new horror comedy series created by Ryan Murphy called Scream Queens as Grace Gardner. Most recently Samuels appeared on The Gifted in the role The Stepford Cuckoos (Esme, Sophie, and Phoebe).

Personal Life

Samuels is the daughter of Kathy, a producer for unscripted series, and Scott, a U.S. marshal. She has three brothers, Cody, Harrison, and Jack, and one sister, Heather.



Freak Show


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