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Sophie Green is a brave fan and the creator of Army of Roanoke, a fan site dedicated to "My Roanoke Nightmare". She is a character in Roanoke portrayed by Taissa Farmiga.


Sophie, along with her friends, Todd Allan Connors and Milo, were viewers of the original My Roanoke Nightmare documentary. They became such fans of the series that the three of them created Army of Roanoke, a fan site dedicated to the series.

To get more followers, the three of them organized an expedition to the site of the Roanoke House, using helmet-mounted cameras to record their trek.

Personality and Appearance[]

Although appearing to be a very stereotypical millennial, Sophie is very nice and rather intelligent. Not much is known about her life or personality.

Her hair is a dark blonde, and she has brown eyes. She looks very similar to the other characters Taissa Farmiga has portrayed, Violet Harmon and Zoe Benson. She has been seen wearing very casual and comfortable clothing, usually along with the green helmet and GoPro.


Sophie, along with her friends Todd and Milo, are making their way through the wilderness surrounding the property when they come across a disorientated woman limping through the brush. Obviously injured and afraid, the woman flees and the kids give chase. They lose sight of her, but during her pursuit, Sophie discovers the scene of a recent car crash. The accident had been so severe that the vehicle had rolled over onto its roof, and she kneels down to take a closer look. Sophie recoils in horror and their helmet-mounted cameras display the body of Diana Cross beneath the wreckage.

Sophie, Todd, and Milo go to the police in order to report what they saw. Of course, the police thought the three were pranking them and ordered them not to go near the property again. The trio ignores the police and decides to investigate the house, but once it becomes night, Sophie and her friends feel uneasy. Eventually, they find Lee, who has been possessed by Scathach. Lee murders Todd which causes Sophie and Milo to panic and flee to the editing trailer. It's there that they find out everyone involved with Return to Roanoke has died, except for Monet, Audrey and of course, Lee. Sophie suggests they fight Lee, who is marching to the house to kill Monet and Audrey, and eventually convinces Milo to venture out of the trailer and help the duo. When they see the Roanoke Colony following them, they try to hide only to be found. Her and Milo then plead for mercy only to be impaled on a stake and burned alive as their deaths are recorded on an iCloud account. Her charred corpse is found by police the next day.


  • Sophie is the third character portrayed by Taissa Farmiga. For a complete list of her characters, see Cast.
  • Sophie is the first of Taissa Farmiga's characters not to have a relationship with a character played by Evan Peters.


  • To Todd and Milo (regarding My Roanoke Nightmare)
    On the surface, it's an interracial story set in a post-racial world. Which, of course, is a lie. But they're really talking about the colonization of America. The Butcher and the Roanoke Colony. Which became a matriarchy in a patriarchal system. That's why it's so timely. It's a battle we're fighting today.
  • Sophie: "This is Sophie Green, and I'm here to bear witness to the evil that is happening out here. I'm in the woods near the house of My Roanoke Nightmare in eastern North Carolina. It's all real. There's people dead everywhere. Lee Harris is a murderer. She-she she just killed my friend, Todd Connor, with a cleaver. And she's on her way to kill Audrey Tindall and Monet Tumusiime right now. They're in the house and they're in danger. We called the police but they won't listen."
  • To Milo (before being burned alive)
    I'm so sorry.