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Spivey is a degenerate sex offender, violent bully and an inmate at Briarcliff Asylum. He is a character in Asylum portrayed by Mark Consuelos.

Personality and Appearance[]

Spivey is a swarthy, compactly muscular man with black hair and a menacing smile full of metal.

He is anti-social, immoral, vulgar, violent, sadistic, and most likely a pedophile with an unnatural interest in underage girls. He also appeared to be a coprophiliac, disgustingly flicking his own feces at Sister Mary Eunice. Arthur Arden harshly described him a depraved human being whose perversions were untreatable, with no re-deeming qualities whatsoever.


Spivey has a history of compulsive masturbation, often in public and in the sight of children.


Spivey loiters around in the asylum's common room, and he targets the newcomer Kit Walker. He approaches him and insults Kit's presumed late wife, Alma. This hits a nerve with Kit and the two men are involved in a fight. Kit gets the upper hand over Spivey before their fight is broken up by staff. Later that evening, Spivey flicks feces on the face of Sister Mary Eunice as she oversees Lana Winters in her search of the men's ward for Kit. [1]

During Briarcliff's movie night, Spivey joins a group of his fellow inmates in the common room. He complains about not getting to see the ending of the film when Sister Jude officially ends movie night after the news about an attempted escape gets out. He is unhappy that he must return to his cell early. [2]

Spivey hides in a supply closet and spies through a hole while masturbating to the site of a bathing Sr. Mary Eunice. He is caught in the act by Dr. Arden. Arden reprimands Spivey, but he claims to have repressed his urges and alleges that the Sister invited him to watch her bathe. This claim enrages Arden, who makes Spivey into one of his 'test subjects' to display before Monsignor Howard as an example of "the next step in evolution". He keeps Spivey captive in his office, repeatedly injecting him with a deforming substance that also infects Spivey with tuberculosis. After a few rounds of this treatment, Dr. Arden releases Spivey into the woods to reside with his other Rasper creations. [3]

The heavily-deformed Spivey is among the 'experiments' who emerge from the woods when Arden goes out to feed the creatures. Arden, in a fit of depressive rage over Sr. Mary Eunice's actions, shoots Spivey and the other creatures in the head with a German Mauser pistol. [4]


  • Spivey (to Arthur Arden)
    No, never the boys, Doc. I had my standards.