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Stan Vogel is a National Park Ranger with confidential knowledge about what - or who - lurks in the woods. He is a character in American Horror Stories portrayed by Cody Fern.


Stan Vogel grew up in Australia and recently immigrated to America, specifically a couple of months before Jacob Gantz's disappearance. He didn't know if he wanted to stay in the country or not, but made his decision to stay on the night of Jacob Gantz's kidnapping. On that night, Stan saw the Ferals carrying the small boy. Sometime later on, Stan attended a population-control hunt which was performed by the government.

Personality and Appearance[]

Stan Vogel is an easy-going, witty, and blunt individual who cares about the people who enter the woods. He is a Caucasian individual with short brown hair and blue eyes. He is seen wearing a national park ranger uniform, sporting a nametag and badge with it.


When Addy Gantz, Jay Gantz, and Bob Birch are refilling their water stores, Stan decides to introduce himself. After talking to the group and finding out why they're in the woods, Stan becomes skeptical of their story and encourages them to turn back. He warns them that the forest includes things "a million times worse" than growers.

While alone at his watchtower, Stan uses binoculars to survey the area. While doing so, he hears a distant screech sound and quickly rushes inside to grab and load a shotgun.

Later, Addy and Jay return to the watchtower and find Stan waiting outside with a shotgun. Stan lets the two inside and proceeds to question them on what had happened. He learns that Birch was killed and Jay had been shot. Stan is very nonchalant about the situation and grabs a first aid kit to help Jay. After cleaning Jay's wound, Stan picks up his shotgun again and rushes to the window to see if the Ferals had followed Addy and Jay to the watchtower. Addy and Jay ask questions about what is in the woods, but Stan tells them that he is "not allowed' to answer these questions. Angry, Jay pulls out a gun and points it at Stan. Jay demands Addy to take Stan's shotgun and that Stan has to answer their questions. Reluctantly, Stan agrees. He walks over to a filing cabinet and pulls out a folder with the word "confidential" on it. He hands the top-secret folder to Addy and Jay, informing them of the cannibalistic and inbred creatures in the forest. He tells them that national parks only exist to contain these creatures and that American citizens being allowed to enter these dangerous areas was a result of capitalism. He mentions that he was on a population-control sweep sometime after Jacob Gantz's disappearance and that Jacob's captors were likely killed. Stan warns the two that if they decide to go public on this situation, he'll deny everything.

After the conversation ends, Stan decides to leave the room and go to a radio to call for medical help on Jay's behalf. While contacting someone on the radio, Stan realizes that he's not alone in the room. Before he can react, he is attacked by a Feral. Stan is able to push the Feral aside and run back to the main room, only to find himself surrounded by Ferals who had broken into the watchtower. While attempting to escape, Stan falls over the couch and onto a table. On the floor, the Ferals attack and kill Stan, proceeding to eat his guts.


  • Stan: "G'day. Where you folks headed?"
  • To Jay: "There's things in those canyons a million times worse than the growers."
  • To Jay & Addy: "I'd only been in the country a couple of months. Didn't know if I wanted to stay, but... after that night, I knew I could never leave."
  • To Addy: "Well, I can't legally say what it is that I saw or what it was carrying, but know I saw something."
  • To Addy: "Go back the way you came."
  • To Addy: "It's basically a scratch."
  • To Addy: "If they didn't come after you, it wasn't 'cause you had a gun."
  • To Addy: "What are you, a fucking parrot?"
  • To Addy: "You ever held a gun before?"
  • To Jay & Addy: "If you ask me, I think they're descendants of the old mountain men who never came down outta the mountains. Or maybe they're Civil War soldiers who never surrendered after the war. Hell, maybe they're just normal people who checked out."
  • To Addy: "It's capitalism, baby!"
  • To Jay & Addy: "Those soldiers weren't on a rescue mission. They're on a hunt."
  • To Jay & Addy: "...Can I have my gun back now, please?"
  • Stan: "Everyone trusts the park ranger."


  • Stan Vogel is Australian.
  • Bob Birch calls Ranger Vogel "Ranger fuckin' Crocodile Hunter", a reference to Steve Irwin, aka Crocodile Hunter, an Australian wildlife expert and television personality.
  • Stan Vogel is Cody Fern's first role with his Australian accent on an American TV show, which has caused mixed opinions from fans.[1]
  • The character was supposed to be more serious, but Cody Fern suggested to "shake things up and be that comic relief that changes the tone and the vibe".[1]