Stanley Samuel Argento is a resident of the Murder House. He is a character in You're Going To Die In There.


Stanley and Marie were fully in love and were reminiscing about their first meeting at the time of their murders in the House library. The two would perform BDSM sexual acts while photographing and filming it. The details of his death are revealed in the police incident report which says: "Homocide--Willful. Kill--Weapon (Knife, fist, other). Method of Attack: Coercion (likely), chemical sedation/stimulation (likely), physical assualt with excessive use of weapon". It is also revealed in the police report that he had a profession of being a financial executor (i.e., lawyer).

Pictures found on the far right of the room document the progression of the act, and also reveals that Sam died before Nikki. The video they were making shows their murders, it appears the two were interrupted during their acts and were brutally murdered by an unknown third figure. Stanley was found severely bruised due to the acts of knife play, erotic asphyxiation, and also blunt-force trauma. He was found still bounded, and his shoulders dislocated. One of the gag-balls used was still in his mouth, and he and Marie were shown to have inhuman scratches on their bodies that the investigating officers could not figure out as they owned no pets.


  • Although these two died from acts of BDSM, they are not related to the recurring ghost in the show known as the Rubber Man. The rubber suit was bought long after they lived in the house.
  • It is possible that the Infantata attacked them during these acts, as the unnatural scratches similar to how Nora was scratched while attempting to breast-feed the Infantata.
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