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Susan is an obsessed fan of Anna. She is a character in American Horror Story: Delicate portrayed by Ashlie Atkinson.



Susan is first introduced in Rockabye as an infatuated fan of Anna when meeting her in the bathroom. This leads to an altercation where Anna appears to have killed Susan.

During Anna's acceptance speech, she is seen again applauding with a bloodied appearance next to Babette along with a bloodied apparition of Io Preecher causing Anna to vomit and faint. Anna awakens in the women's bathroom with paramedics and Dex with no trace of Susan's body.

Susan is next seen in the bathroom during Opening Night reenacting her first meeting with Anna and antagonizes her, being excessively crude and hostile towards later. Later on, she is seen clapping for Anna at the art gallery before swiftly disappearing.

During Ave Hestia, Susan appears as a pharmacist as Adeline purchases a pregnancy test. Adeline's unsurprised but piercing gaze as she backs away confirms Susan's affiliation with the Delicate Coven. She then proceeds to bleed excessively through her mouth.

Personality and Appearance[]

Susan is a plus sized woman with an infatuation for Anna. She seems to have a penchant for tormenting by manipulating illusions towards her targets such as copying Anna's shoes, conjuring blood and apparitions.


Susan was a witch and disciple of the Delicate Coven. She possesses one of the Seven Wonders. She appears to have an affinity for illusion manipulation.

  • Transmutation - One of the Seven Wonders, the magical ability to instantaneously move from one location to another. Susan was able to disappear without a trace from the bathroom or appear out of nowhere. [1] [2] [3]
  • Illusion Manipulation - Susan appears to be able to conjure up blood without harm to herself and other illusions that only her target perceives. [1] [2] [4]
  • Potioncraft - Potioncraft is the ability of witches to create/produce mixtures and substances with magical properties. Susan was among one of the witches of the Delicate Coven brewing blood potions.[3]
  • Spellcraft - Affinity for casting spells and performing rituals.[3]


  • To Anna: "You're Anna Victoria Alcott! I'm so sorry to interrupt but I just I love you!"
  • To Adeline: "Will that be all?"


  • Susan is the only character portrayed by Ashlie Atkinson.



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