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The swamp witch's shack may be a grimy shit hole, but it's definitely secluded.
Madison Montgomery[src]

The Swamp Shack is a hut located in New Orleans inhabited by nature-loving witch, Misty Day. It is a location featured in Coven and Apocalypse.


Zoe Benson and Madison Montgomery resurrect Kyle Spencer in the City Morgue. Elsewhere, Misty Day senses that she is not alone. Zoe and Kyle flee the morgue with a lot of difficulties, with Kyle seizing uncontrollably and mute. While Zoe is driving, Misty sits up from the back seat and offers her help. They drive to Misty's cabin in the bayou, where Misty uses a poultice to fix Kyle's scars – the same poultice she used to cure herself after she resurrected herself after being burned alive by the townsfolk. She offers to take care of Kyle until he is healed.[1]

Later, Zoe visits Misty and an almost healed Kyle, planning to take Kyle back to his mother. Despite Misty wanting Kyle to stay longer, Zoe takes him, promising to come back. Misty says that she knows Zoe will not come back. As they leave, Misty starts crying and spins around as of dancing to the song Sara by Stevie Nicks.[2]

After Myrtle Snow is burned at the stake, Misty resurrects her. Later, Misty waters her garden in the swamp, including Myrtle's resurging body gestating in the mud. Kyle arrives, and she bathes him in the cabin, but he begins to act violently when she tries to clean his genitals. He has visions of his mother's sexual abuse, whom he killed, and violently destroys everything he can grab. Misty snaps when he destroys her radio. Zoe arrives in the nick of time and says she is taking them both out of there.

After bringing Madison back from the dead at the Miss Robichaux's Academy, Misty steals some of their food and the witches do not mind but are uncomfortable when she says she is not bringing Kyle back to her swamp because of what he did to her radio. When she asks for a ride home, Zoe offers her a night in a real bed, but she refuses, saying she senses bad vibes in the academy.[3]

The academy doorbell rings and Zoe answers the door. It is Misty, saying that someone tried to kill her. A flashback reveals that, one night, Misty was awakened by Myrtle, who was still covered in mud. Misty assumes this is because Myrtle is confused, but Myrtle warns her that a man with a shotgun has been circling Misty's home. Misty cannot hear the sound of animals outside her home anymore, and realizes Myrtle is telling the truth. They escape and hide in the swamp before the man enters Misty's home and blasts her bed. Misty begins to reside in the Academy with her fellow witches.[4]

Misty Day dies during the trial of The Seven Wonders[5] and is resurrected a few years later by Michael Langdon in the Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men.[6] After Michael terrorizes the Robichaux's Academy and kills many of the witches, Cordelia, Myrtle and Mallory seek shelter in Misty's cabin. Coco asks if they are safe in the place, and Myrtle says the only other person who knows the location of this shack is Misty herself, who is gallivanting with Stevie Nicks.

Cordelia astral projects herself back to the academy to see the destruction, where she finds Zoe and Queenie's bodies. She tries to resurrect them but they disappear. She reawakens back at the shack surrounded by Myrtle, Coco, Madison, and Mallory. She tells them that she could not feel their souls so she could not bring them back. Madison tells them what happened at Murder House and how Michael can erase their soul. Cordelia slaps her, angry that Madison had not told her this sooner. Cordelia begins to cry begging that there must be something they can do. Myrtle replies that maybe there is as she looks at Mallory.

Myrtle explains the power to travel through time and that Mallory could use it. Myrtle says that the catch is that there is no documentation of another witch having done this and that most who tried have died. Mallory agrees to do it. Cordelia fills up a bathtub with water while Myrtle tells Mallory about Anastasia Romanov and how she tried to save her family with a protection spell. They have to do a dry run and test Mallory's power so they are sending her back to save Anastasia. Mallory steps into the tub and Myrtle begins to chant a spell. The water turns black and Cordelia pushes Mallory into it. Mallory appears beside Anastasia and helps her to create a shield between her family and the soldiers. When Anastasia lets go of Mallory's hands, the shield disappears. Mallory is pulled back to the present and screams as she returns. She crawls out of the tub and Cordelia holds her close. Her face is dripping with blood that is running out of her eyes and nose.

Outside the shack, Cordelia talks to Myrtle as they are drinking tea and tells her that Mallory will never be ready while Cordelia is still alive. Myrtle tells her that they are not ready to lose her yet. Cordelia asks Myrtle if she would tell her if she became like her mother. Myrtle tells her that she could never be her mother. Cordelia says that they must perform The Sacred Taking to give Mallory all of her powers. Myrtle rebuffs, telling her that the coven still needs her. They just need to buy some time.[7]

Later, Mallory asks how they plan to stop Michael and his one thousand nuclear bombs provided by nuclear scientists from Kineros Robotics. Cordelia says that they cannot. Coco says that she does not want to die. Then, she apologizes for making it all about her. Myrtle corrects her and tells her that it is all about her. Myrtle explains her plan to have her father purchase the tickets for Outpost 3. They plan to hide Coco and Mallory right under Michael's nose. Madison asks how they are going to do that because Michael is able to detect if someone is a witch. Cordelia says that they are going to put an identity spell on both of them. She explains that the spell will give them new personalities and that Coco, whose new personality is modeled after Madison, must belittle Mallory in order for her to suppress her natural powers. Coco protests and asks what will happen to her family. Cordelia says that they will be put under a spell until the apocalypse but that they won't be going with her to the bunker since they are more likely to raise suspicion.

Mallory does not know if she can be responsible for the fate of the whole world. Cordelia tells her that she will know when the time is right. Mallory persists and asks how will she know if she is under a spell. Cordelia says that her powers will emerge when they are ready. Mallory realizes this is goodbye because she will not remember any of them once under the spell. Coco wonders how she is going to be mean to Mallory. Mallory tells her that it is okay and that she will never let anything bad happen to Coco. That at least they will be together. They hug, and then sit down as Cordelia places her hands on their heads. She recites a spell and collapses afterward.[8]



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