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Tanya Clarke (born February 2, 1972) is an American actress who portrays Marla McClaine in the first season and Lorraine in the ninth season of American Horror Story.


Her film credits include 'A Beautiful Mind', 'Tenderness', 'Repo Men', 'Driver X' & 'Blackbird'. She received a Best Actress Nomination (Method Fest Independent Film Festival) for her performance in 'Delivery Method'.

Her television roles include the character of Emily Lotus on HBO's 'Banshee' & Queen Reyna on Marvel's 'Inhumans'. Other: 'Grey's Anatomy', 'American Horror Story', 'Glee', 'Hawaii Five-0', 'CSI Miami', 'Supernatural' & 'Major Crimes'.

She made her Broadway debut in 'I'm Not Rappaport' opposite Judd Hirsch & Ben Vereen, directed by Daniel Sullivan.


Episode appearances for Tanya Clarke
Story or Series Character Episodes
Murder House Marla McClaine Spooky Little Girl
1984 Lorraine Episode 100