Episode # Premiere Writer(s) Director
Bitchcraft 1 2013-10-09 Ryan Murphy ; Brad Falchuk Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
Boy Parts 2 2013-10-16 Tim Minear Michael Rymer
The Replacements 3 2013-10-23 James Wong Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
Fearful Pranks Ensue 4 2013-10-30 Jennifer Salt Michael Uppendahl
Burn, Witch. Burn! 5 2013-11-06 Jessica Sharzer Jeremy Podeswa
The Axeman Cometh 6 2013-11-13 Douglas Petrie Michael Uppendahl
The Dead 7 2013-11-20 Brad Falchuk Bradley Buecker
The Sacred Taking 8 2013-12-04 Ryan Murphy Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
Head 9 2013-12-11 Tim Minear Howard Deutch
The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks 10 2014-01-08 James Wong Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
Protect the Coven 11 2014-01-15 Jennifer Salt Bradley Buecker
Go to Hell 12 2014-01-22 Jessica Sharzer Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
The Seven Wonders 13 2014-01-29 Douglas Petrie Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
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Every new season / story of American Horror Story requires a bit of legwork on American Horror Story Wiki. To give you an idea of how much has to be done, this article serves as a journey. To the admins that have to actually do it, it serves as a process guide (and reminder). In an ideal world, Isaac will one day have more than half of this done by a Bot script (add it to the list...).


A new logo should be chosen or designed. Coven was designed for this purpose initially; Freak Show, Murder House and Asylum were decided by solicited contests. The skin background and Main page should be altered as well. Much of this is done by altering templates listed below.


Categories and Redirects

  • The new season's name and " (story)", to avoid ambiguity. This started when the season, location and third episode were all called "Murder House", but is a good practice so that we don't have to change everything coding-wise if it happens again. For variable purposes, we'll call the season or story's name SeasonName from here on out.
  • Subcategories /Episodes, /Characters, /Characters/Main, /Characters/Supporting, /Cast, /Locations, /Production, /Teasers, and /Media should all be made under "Category:SeasonName (story)".
  • /Characters should be categorized in "Category:SeasonName (story)" and "Characters". For content, use this source as a model.
  • /Episodes should be categorized in "Category:SeasonName (story)" and "Episodes". For content, use this source as a model.
  • /Cast should be categorized in "Category:SeasonName (story)" and "Cast" and "Production". For content, use this source as a model (though it should really just be {{Navbox/cast}}, you can add fancy stuff if you want).
  • /Locations should be categorized in "Category:SeasonName (story)" and "Locations". No content needed.
  • /Production should be categorized in "Category:SeasonName (story)" and "Production".
  • Redirects at SeasonName{/Characters, /Episodes, /Cast, /Locations} and "SeasonName (story)"{/Characters, /Episodes, /Cast, /Locations} should be set up to the appropriate Category.

Modules and Data


A list of templates made for a season are.
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