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A girl imbued with this gift is said to have the power to change past events, alter history.
Cordelia Goode[src]

Tempus Infinituum also known as Time Magic — is the rare power to travel through time and manipulate its flow, allowing a witch to alter the course of history or reverse events on a localized scale.

History of Uses[]

Tempus Infinituum is an extremely rare ability that was largely considered to be a myth among the Salem descendants, as there was no confirmed case of a witch having this power until Mallory manifested it in 2018. Up until then, no witch was known to have successfully executed Tempus Infinituum, and all tales of those who tried ended in death.[3]

Mallory first manifested Tempus Infinituum when she came across the body of a dead deer in the woods. Much to the amazement of Myrtle Snow, Mallory was able to reverse the flow of time and bring the deer back to life by undoing its wounds, restoring the animal's youth in the process.[1] She later used this same method to resurrect both Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt and John Henry Moore after they had died.[2]

A more advanced use of Tempus Infinituum involved the witch sending herself back in time. To accomplish this feat, the witch has to focus her power on an item connected to the time period that she wishes to travel to. She then has to submerge herself in a body of water to facilitate the journey through the time. The first time Mallory attempted this, Cordelia Goode and Myrtle assisted her by reciting the following spell: "Balneum infinitum. Dona salui conductus." On her second attempt, however, Mallory was powerful enough to time travel by simply saying "Tempus Infinituum" before submerging herself in the water. In both instances, the water bubbled and turned black as Mallory used Tempus Infinituum.[3][4]

After Michael Langdon had most of the Salem descendants slaughtered, Cordelia and Myrtle planned to have Mallory use Tempus Infinituum to save the lives of their sister witches. To test her power without alerting Michael of their plans, Cordelia and Myrtle had Mallory use Anastasia Romanov's jewel as a conduit to travel to 1918 on the night that the Romanov family were executed. She was tasked with ensuring their survival as a way of proving that history could be changed. Once she arrived in 1918, however, Mallory was not powerful enough to maintain her presence there and subsequently returned to present day, her eyes and nose bleeding from the strain.[3]

In order for Mallory to grow into her power, Cordelia and Myrtle had arranged for her to survive the Apocalypse by having her placed in Outpost 3 while under an identity spell. When Michael confronted her there, Mallory's powers flared and alerted Cordelia, Myrtle, and Madison Montgomery that she was ready to attempt Tempus Infinituum again. When they arrived at Outpost 3 and lifted the identity spell on Mallory, Myrtle gave her a lock of Michael's hair to use as a conduit for the time travel. However, as the witches tried to find a secure place for Mallory to perform Tempus Infinituum, she was brutally stabbed by Brock. After eliminating Mallory's assailant, Cordelia and Myrtle placed her in a bathtub filled with water. Cordelia subsequently sacrificed her own life so that Mallory could inherit the full power of the Supreme. Revived from near-death, Mallory used her newfound power to successfully journey back to 2015, where Michael had not yet assumed his power as the Anti-Christ. She killed him by driving him over with a car, saving Constance from making suicidal decisions. thereby averting the events that would bring about the Apocalypse and saving the Salem descendants from being decimated by Michael.[4]

Known Users[]


  • Like Resurgence, Tempus Infinituum is a very rare ability, inaccessible even to some Supremes, as in the case of Cordelia Goode.
  • Tempus Infinituum can be performed by either one of two methods, small scale: like reversing time of an object or organism. Or large scale, physically going back in time to change past events.



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