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"The Auteur" is the ninth episode of "American Horror Story: Delicate". It premiered April 24, 2024 on FX.

Her choices have unknowingly led to deadly consequences, but Anna can still have it all - for a price.— FX Networks, official synopsis[1]



Brooklyn in the year 2019 witnessed a poignant scene at a group therapy session for women struggling with infertility. Amidst the tears, Anna caught the attention of Siobhan, and their friendship began to blossom.


Siobhan is having a meeting with Dr. Hill, during which she informs him that she will be referring all her affluent patients to him, promising to provide him with the life he has always dreamt of. The only condition is that he must strictly adhere to her instructions. She confidently asserts that she sets her own rules.


In the present moment, Anna is escorted off the stage after just winning an Oscar. She approaches Siobhan, curious about how she had known about her victory, and also refers to Dex by his alternative name, as she hates him now. Although Anna isn't pleased to see him, she allows him to join her in the ambulance. However, an unsettling situation unfolds during their ambulance ride. Surprisingly, there is no medical professional present. Ivy takes control of driving the ambulance, and tragically, she murders Anna's security personnel. Dex steps forward to assist Anna in delivering her baby, which is imminent. Unfortunately, the act of giving birth results in the severing of his hand.

The ambulance comes to a halt at a distant garage outside the city. Ivy forcefully places Dex's hand in his own mouth to "quiet" him, while Anna lets out another scream. Shortly after, Anna is seen lying on a stretcher as the other Women in Black instruct her to push. Anna successfully gives birth to a healthy baby, but is denied the chance to hold him. Ivy accuses her of prioritizing the Oscar over her own child. This leads to a heated confrontation, with Anna attempting to reclaim her baby only to be stopped by a sudden attack from behind. She is urged to give in and cease her resistance.

Anna awakens to find herself surrounded by many other members of the satanic cult. To her dismay, she realizes that she is unable to move, as she has been paralyzed. The women disclose that they seek out women who possess perfection and ambition, offering them an opportunity to be part of their mission. However, they withhold the details of this mission from Anna for the time being. Siobhan, one of the women, blames Anna for her current state, asserting that her attempt to reclaim the baby led to her paralysis. In addition, they present Anna with a choice: either join their ranks and receive the remarkable gifts of youth and beauty they possess, or face a fate similar to Preecher's, whom had tragically been decapitated after being kidnapped from the ER. Furthermore, Siobhan shocks Anna by revealing that she had a romantic relationship with Dex's father, and is, in fact, Dex's biological mother. Astonishingly, Anna discovers that she gave birth to the most powerful vessel of all, a baby who belongs to Siobhan and Dex. Siobhan informs Anna that she can hold the baby, but doing so would mean she must join their cause.

Anna is brought to a sinister nursery where Siobhan eliminates Ivy for murdering Dex. Siobhan discloses that she has preserved Dex's reproductive organs to create creatures with women, including Anna, in order to save humanity by establishing a matriarchy. Siobhan claims to be the Auteur and the ruler of the world. She entrusts Anna with a baby, who is discovered to have claws. Anna struggles as she feeds the baby, enduring pain from his bites and bloodsucking. Siobhan emphasizes that motherhood, despite its pain, is a beautiful experience. She asserts that she and Anna are blood bound, destined to be together forever.

Adeline, dressed in white, appears to Anna while she is singing to the baby and shedding tears. Adeline starts chanting the same prayer she used to recite in her restaurant, and Anna follows suit. Adeline conveys that only light can defeat darkness, and their combined chanting commences the destruction of Siobhan. Siobhan crumbles, the mirror shatters, and the monstrous baby vanishes. Anna's paralysis is lifted. All that remains is Siobhan's headpiece, which Anna wears. Upon hearing a baby cry, Anna locates an all-white nursery with a normal baby in a crib. Despite encountering a spider, Anna swiftly eliminates it before picking up the baby. She hears whispers and realizes she still possesses her Oscar and her baby, concluding with what she always had wanted: It all.



  • With a runtime of 31 minutes, "The Auteur" is the shortest episode of the entire series.
  • As of the 1st May, 2024 the episode has an IMDb score of 3.3/10, making it the lowest rated episode of the entire series.
  • Based on the situation where Siobhan's baby also disappeared, it can be assumed that all other witches (Talia, Sonia, etc.) died due to the spell cast by Anna Victoria Alcott and Adeline Harding in the name of Hestia.
  • This episode marks the lone appearance of Dr. Andrew Hill in Part 2 of Delicate.
    • Additionally, this is the only episode of Delicate to feature every main character and cast member.
  • In addressing criticism of the episode from Vulture critic Katie Rife, writer Hailley Feifer had the following to say about the intended message in the comments: "The EPs and I took great pains to tell a story quite different than the one you’re describing. The message of course is not that women should not have it all, but rather that “having it all” is not possible within a patriarchy — and that the only way for women to have power is for them to ascribe to the same oppressive systems that have held them back for so long, as they in turn oppress others." [2]




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