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You're the face. The open, lovely, beautiful face of The Butchery On Main, and I'm in the back with the knives and the flames. It's the only way it works.
Ivy Mayfair-Richards[src]

The Butchery On Main is a restaurant located in Brookfield Heights, Michigan owned by Ivy and Ally Mayfair-Richards. It is a primary location in Cult, the seventh season of American Horror Story.


The Butchery on Main is a nice little restaurant in Brookfield Heights, Michigan. It has a nice history until a cult comes along and the restaurant becomes a place for murders and gatherings. After the cult is destroyed, the restaurant is brought back to normal with Ally as the new owner without her wife, Ivy.


The Butchery On Main is a restaurant decorated with an interesting mix of old-fashioned diner-styled, with the comforts of wi-fi and a wide choice of takeaway coffee.


A large modern kitchen, with long steel counters equipped with functional utensils and cooking appliances.

Refrigerated Cell

A refrigerating cell used to store meat.



  • The Butchery On Main was set up in the vacant locations of the COBA Beauty Academy, Orange County, California, after the Academy moved and left the building empty.
  • The Butchery On Main has appeared in all Episodes of Cult, except Drink the Kool-Aid.