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The Chemist is is a mysterious individual behind the creation of Muse, an addictive drug. She is a character in Double Feature portrayed by Angelica Ross.


Personality and Appearance[]



  • To Mickey: "Maybe you're one of the talented ones."
  • To The Singer: "Nine out of ten of them are gonna end up just like you."
  • To The Singer: "The talented ones need the blood, but their rage comes from their arrogance and certainty that they're better than everyone. The rage of the untalented is much darker, more intense. You hate the world for giving you dreams that were too big."


  • She is the second character portrayed by Angelica Ross. For a complete list of her characters, see Cast.
  • FX official character guide teased Angelica Ross' relevance to the plot, teasing the viewers with "You know those little black pills we’ve been seeing in Double Feature promos? Those would fall under Ross’ character’s jurisdiction, though it’s anyone’s guess what the “chemist” is really up to."[3]