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The Fist is a brutish guard at Outpost 3. She is a character in Apocalypse portrayed by Erika Ervin.


She ran a nutrition blog before the nuclear war had started. [1]

Personality and Appearance[]

The Fist was a tall and strong woman with broad shoulders. She had structured facial features, brown eyes, with prominent dark eyebrows and brunette hair that is tied in a bun. She dressed very practically in a boxy, black military-style suit with black leather gloves - suggestive of her sadistic and bloody duties at Outpost 3.

As one of the wardens of Outpost 3, The Fist was very obedient to her bosses Wilhemina Venable and Miriam Mead. She was one of the employees of The Cooperative. Being the strongest and biggest of the wardens, The Fist did most of the executions and fighting.

Not much is known about her personality. She was quite aggressive, and didn't smile or talk very often. She was very reserved and obeyed without any hesitation.


The Fist welcomes Timothy and Emily outside of Outpost 3. She and Ms. Mead take them both inside and take them to the decontamination machine. Together with Ms. Mead, the Fist shoots a carrier pigeon that contains a message from the other Outposts. The Fist joins the room after Ms. Venable has explained the situation of the Outpost, whispering about a radiation spike in Ms. Mead's ear. She and Ms. Mead then proceed to scan everyone at the table. When Gallant is found radioactive, he claims the only thing he touched was Coco's hair. The Fist nods "no" after scanning and finding no contamination. After decontamintating Gallant and Stu, the latter is found contaminated beyond salvation and shot in the head by Ms. Mead. She accompanies the other wardens as grays serves stew to the refugees.

Eighteen months later, after Ms. Wilhemina Venable states that they are cutting back to one meal a day, the Outpost residents get annoyed. Ms. Mead looks toward her as a nod for her to step in, to control the situation and calm them down with her aggression. As Gallant throws the plate, The Fist walks towards him in an intimidating way, but he is saved by the siren which blasts when someone is approaching the Outpost. The Fist and Ms. Mead then check to see who it is, and they greet Michael Langdon. [2]

The Fist and Ms. Mead barge into Emily's room after hearing her screaming, questioning what's happening. Finding snakes crawling on the floor, the Fist tells Ms. Mead that she thought everything outside was dead due to the radiations. While Ms. Mead decapitates one snake, the Fist holds one with her gloves and watches it in a confused way as the snake tries to bite her glove. As she observers the purples, Ms. Venable and Ms. Mead eating, everyone is shocked when the snakes came back to life and start crawling on the table.

Some time later, the Fist and Ms. Mead find Timothy and Emily half naked in Emily's room. She's disgusted and grabs Emily's hair and hits Timothy, then drags them both out the room to Ms. Venable who gives her the order to execute them. Dragging them outside in one of the decontamination rooms, Timothy attacks a guard. The Fist manages to beats him down, but only after Timothy is able to grab one of the guns and shoots Ms. Mead. [3]

The next day, when the alarms go off again, the Fist is sent by Ms. Venable to check outside. The Fist and Ms. Mead walk towards the carriage with guns, only to find a chest. They bring the chest inside and Ms. Mead scans it to see if there's any radiation on it. After discovering that it is clean, they open it and find fresh juicy apples. Ms. Mead is incredulous, but the Fist explains that it is not hard to preserve fruits and its probably due to the chemicals. She reveals she ran a nutrition blog before the war. When Ms. Venable takes a bite, she then stated that they are red delicious and probably from the East Coast. Ms. Mead, however, is firm in her belief that it's a gift from the Sanctuary. Ms. Venable then dismisses the Fist to take care of the dying horses. Once outside, the Fist is stabbed in the neck by a contaminated assailant and left to die in the apocalyptic environment. [1] Her death is reversed by Mallory using Tempus Infinituum


  • To Ms. Mead: "I thought everything outside was dead!"
  • To Ms. Mead: "I ran a nutrition blog before the war."


  • She is the second character portrayed by Erika Ervin. For a complete list of her characters, see Cast.



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