I had to go blind to see things about you I couldn't see before. A bad cosmic joke. It's a different kind of clarity. An absolute clarity I've never had. The images almost vibrate with light.
Cordelia Goode[src]

The Sight is the ability to have significant visions of the past, present, and the future. It is a variation of Divination. It is one of the magical abilities showcased in Coven and Apocalypse.


The Sight is activated by touching a person or an object. It is described as the greatest power to have, but the hardest to live with. Cordelia is the only known witch known to possess the Sight.  She describes the visions as vibrating with light. She first manifested this power after she was blinded with sulfuric acid.[1]

Cordelia had visions of Hank having sex with Kaylee after being touched by him, Myrtle being burnt at the stake, Fiona killing Madison, Misty Day dying in a coffin, and a future with everyone in the Coven being massacred by Fiona. She also had a vision of the Axeman killing Fiona and feeding her body to the alligators, as well as a vision of Fiona putting a trance on the Axeman and manipulating her visions.

Michael Langdon was able to witness the excruciating pain of his mother figure Miriam Mead and warlocks Baldwin Pennypacker and Ariel Augustus, burned to death by the witches for the killing of warlock John Henry Moore and plotting the annihilation of the witches. He had to simply touch their charred corpses.[2]

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