One thing has bothered me all throughout this season. Last season asked us to accept one paranormal cause for everything; nothing truly dies at murder house. This season, we’ve had zombie/mutants, aliens, ageless serial killers and demons and that is at a bare minimum. How do you explain all of these things with one unifying paranormal cause?

The obvious answer is that little to none of it is real and it’s all one or more people’s crazy delusions. Boring

But what if it’s just crazy people imagining things that are also real? What if, the asylum makes your fears/thoughts come to life? Let’s try to answer a few questions using this hypothesis.

Why is bloodyface in modern day? Kids came to the asylum looking for bloodyface and so they created him.

Why did bloodyface kill Lana’s girlfriend? Lana was thinking about her girlfriend and what would happen if Kit (who she thinks is bloodyface) ever escaped, so her imagination created a bloodyface who would kill her girlfriend.

What is with the Alien hanging around and the chip in Kit’s neck? Kit thinks he was abducted by aliens and so now there are aliens to justify his delusion.

The mutant/zombies? They came from Mary Eunice’s fear of the woods or, more likely, Dr. Arden’s thoughts about his work as a Nazi.

Who is terrorizing Sister Jude? Sister Jude. Her guilt is creating manifestations that are now tormenting her.

Furthermore, some of the less paranormal things are real. Someone (maybe even Kit) really is a serial killer but now there are also imagined bloodyfaces running around because everyone is afraid of a serial killer. The “demon possessed” boy had a genuine mental illness but once he was in the Asylum and everyone started thinking demon then suddenly there is a demon.

This is the only way I can think of to unify so many monsters under one cause.

Scott 17:56, November 1, 2012 (UTC)

I like it! Why don't you register and make this a blog post? Thanks, Scott! FishTank (talk) 18:01, November 1, 2012 (UTC)

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