Dr. Arden is an Alien
Status Arguments for Arguments against
Theory unproven
  1. Aliens conduct weird experiments on humans. Dr. Arden conducts weird experiments on humans.
  2. When Dr. Arden visits Kit Walker in his cell, Kit first believes he is being approached by an alien.
  3. Both Shelley and Ryan Murphy have suggested that something is very wrong with Arden's genitals. Perhaps this is a human feature the ETs haven't been able to reproduce.
  1. Dr. Arden seems genuinely startled and puzzled by the micro-bot. If they are both of alien origin then this shouldn't be.
  2. Arden is also confused by the disappearance of Grace's body in the cart on his way down the death chute.
  3. He would not be looking to find the aliens by "killing" Kit if he were an alien himself

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