Monsignor Howard is the Boston Strangler

OK. Work with me here. As postulated in Arthur Arden/Theories there is some reason to believe that the unsolved crimes of the Boston Strangler will be elaborated on this season. The reasons being:

  1. The show established this practice of real crime elaboration last season with the Black Dahlia.
  2. Ryan Murphy hints that the photos of bound, dead, possibly strangled women found in Dr. Arden's bedroom are a clue.
  3. The year in which the show takes place, 1964, marks the end of the Stranglers two year spree. The location of the show, Massachusetts, is where the crimes took place.

So we might come to the conclusion that Dr. Arden is the Strangler. However:

  1. Dr. Arden has his plate full. He's an accused Nazi war criminal, a confirmed rapist and sadist and if he is not himself Bloody Face he is likely its creator.
  2. Mnsgr. Howard stands up for Arden against Sr. Jude then gives him a heads up.

Why would this seemingly noble man of the cloth protect such a horrible man? Unless:

  1. Dr. Arden is holding something over him. The photos belong to Howard. They're in a Mexican standoff in which each holds the key to the others secrets.
  2. The Monsignor's strangulation of Shelley fits the modus operandi.
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