Lily Rabe said that there is much more to Sister Mary Eunice's character. I think Sister Mary Eunice is just pretending to be weak, pure and innocent to maintain certain privileges in relation to the control on Sister Jude and the position of director. That whole thing of "This is not big enough" was reverse psychology that she was using against Sister Jude to avoid being punished. Since the actors from last season are opposing characters this season, and Nora had no idea of what was going on, I think Eunice does, and a lot.

She is trying to take over the asylum (probably with the help of Dr Arden) and take the command of Sister Jude, in a peaceful way, or not.

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This isn't much of a theory. It really just boils down to "Sister Mary Eunice is more than she seems". This however can be said about nearly every character on the show from Sr. Jude to Pepper. As to the specifics of your claim they don't really stand up from a story standpoint. Why would she try to take over the asylum? To what end? This show is dedicated to horror not bureaucratic power struggles. As to her tactic with the caning; don't you think it a far more interesting choice and a more likely one from these pervs that she is masochistic? Anyway, it's really all a moot point now that she's blatantly effing with and murdering people. --OGRastamon (talk) 14:05, November 13, 2012 (UTC)

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