What's Tate's connection to the Infantata?
Status Specifics
Tate is providing Infantata blood, which he needs to live, and in exchange Tate's getting his help and obedience.

This theory is supported by the fact that after killing Chad and Patrick, Tate purposely left the bodies in the basement where Infantata resides. Also Bianca (killed by Tate) after being found dead by the police had the signs of someone trying "to do Black Dahlia on her," which can relate not only to chopping in half but also extreme loss of blood, to the point of the body being almost, if not completely, drained. (NOTED: The blood deprivation could clearly just be from the axe wound Bianca received to her abdomen, which almost cut her in half.)

Tate and Hayden are puppet masters of the other ghosts.

It's not as much 'puppet mastery' as they manipulate the other ghosts with illusions of friendship so those ghosts appear when needed... Kate Mara has stated in an interview that Hayden is puppet master of the ghosts. Tate seems to have a similar ability to conjure up ghosts when he needs them.

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