What will happen next to Tate?
Status Specifics
Theory disproven
Tate comes to terms with his crimes and crosses over to the afterlife
Theory disproven
The house will make Tate harm Violet

Voliet died of a drug over dose when she took all those pills in "Piggy Piggy." Tate hid her body in a crawl space under the house.

Theory disproven
Tate loves Nora, not Violet.

Tate is not really in love with Violet, but is actually in love with Nora. He may just be manipulating Violet for an unknown reason. This theory gained some credence because of certain scenes shown in "Rubber Man". Tate killed Chad and Patrick because they decided not to have a baby (while Nora previously expressed to Tate her need to have one). Also, there was that scene with Nora and Tate in the basement in which Nora caresses Tate's cheek. It also shows that Tate convinced Violet to lie to Ben about what her and Vivien saw in the backseat of the car when they were trying to leave the house, which ultimately ends in Vivien being sent to a mental hospital. But in "Birth," Tate clearly tells Nora that he loves Violet, putting all of Nora's and Tate's earlier interactions in the context of a Mother/Son relationship. In "Birth" Tate tells Nora "I wish you were my mommy."
(NOTE:Tate tells Violet that if she admits to Ben that she actually saw the two dead intruders in the backseat of her mother's car like Vivien is claiming, she will be sent away along with her mother, meaning she could no longer be with Tate. This is what actually convinces her to lie about what she saw, though this could have also been a form of Tate manipulating her, and not sincerely wanting Violet "forever." Nora could be a mother figure for Tate.)

Theory disproven
Hayden and/or Tate will kill Violet so that he and Violet can be together forever.

Violet died of a drug overdose when she took a whole bottle of sleeping pills in "Piggy Piggy." Tate hid her body in a crawl space under the house.

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