• I want to share with you my personal opinions about the connections between the four season of American Horror Story. Some of them are confirmed links, others are speculations or curiosities. Let me know what you think about them: 

    1. Charles and Nora Montgomery may be relatives of Madison Montgomery. 

    2. Constance said to the hairdresser that Michael (the evil child) is the survived accident son of cousins of her from Virginia named Delongpre just like the 20's Supreme Witch Mimi Delongpre. Also witch hunters family Renard is originally from Virginia as said by Hank's father and read by Cordelia on the web. 

    3. Pepper and Sister Mary Eunice are the same characters in both Asylum and Freakshow.

    4. Dr. Arden may be involved in Elsa Mars' legs amputation since he was german, nazi and was a doctor fascinated by these kind of stuff as shown in Asylum 

    5. Cities: (1)Florida is linked to Vivien Harmon because her family is from Florida and the Freakshow is located in Jupiter which is in Florida and (2) Massachussets because Harmons are originally from Boston and the Witch Trials mentioned in AHS: Coven took place in Salem. 

    6. Monsignor Timothy Howard pre-script surname was supposed to be O'Hara, the same of the ghostly housemaid Moira from AHS:Murder House.

    7. Sam Goodman the nazi hunter in Asylum share his surname with other policemen in other seasons and one of the Murder House victim name was Gedman. 

    8. Relationship with parents (especially mothers) is in every season: Costance- Tate and Costance -Addie twisted relationships,  Joan Ramsey abuse on her son Luke , abusive Kyle's mother, Cordelia bad relationship with Fiona and the horrible situtation of LaLaurie family, Johnny relationship with is mother Lana Winters and the same abandon of dr. Thredson by is own mother, Nora need of motherood. 

    9. Motherhood and pregnancies is also present in every season: in Murder House we have the Montgomery's dead child Taddheus and the abortions practiced by Charles Montgomery and the pregnancies of Vivien Harmon, Hayden pregnancy, the AntiChrist birth and Chad and Patrick child desire ; in Asylum we have of course Lana Winters rape and pragnancy; in Coven we have Cordelia and Hank's pregnancy desire. 

    10. Fiona is the name of two characters: the witch Fiona Goode and one of the intruders of the Murder House. Another recurring name is Luke which is the name of Luke Ramsey in Coven and the Harmon's security patrol and possibly father of one of Vivian's childs in Murder House. Nora is Zoe Benson's mother name and also the name of Nora Montgomery. 

    11. Ghosts are present of course in the Murder House season but they also appear in Coven and Freakshow, along with mediumship skills of Billy Dean from Murder House and the witches of the Robicheaux Academy, especially Nan and Cordelia. Since Maggie Esmeralda is a poser we can assume that her visions are fake. 

    12. The majority of women in the seasons are blonde : Constance Langdon, Vivien Harmon, Billy Dean, Nora Montgomery, Fiona the intruder, Sister Mary Eunice, Sister Jude, Shelley the nymphomaniac, Cordelia Goode, Fiona Goode, Madison Montgomery, Misty Day, Bonnie Lipton, Elsa Mars, Maggie Esmeralda, Gloria Mott  and the owner of the monstruosity museum . This maybe or maybe not be a reference to Alfred Hitchcock's feticism for blond women. 

    13. Madness and mental illnes is present in Murder House with Tate Langdon and Charles Montgomery, in several characters of Briarcliff Asylum such as dr. Thredson and his son Johnny plus several patients of the asylum and in the Mott family since Gloria said that Dandy shares the same affliction of his father. 

    15. Gay relationship are present in the all serie with Chad and Patrick, Moira and Elizabeth Short, Lana Winters and her lovers, Lana Winters' friends, Dell Toledo, Andy and the people in the gay club. Some fans have argued a possible relationship between Cordelia and Misty Day since Misty's death devastated Cordelia. 

    16. Nurses almost always end up dead in AHS universe.  

    17. The Devil is present as the Antichist in the first season, as the posessed boy and sister Mary Eunice in AHS Asylum, is present throught the aspect of Papa Legba and summoned as Azazel in AHS- Coven and is the entrance of the main circus tent in Ahs- Freakshow. 

    18. Church doesn't have a great success among these characters. 

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