• I'm new to this page so i dont know if theres aready a thread about this topic but season 5. people on twitter are saying its cancelled but Im pretty sure its not. ryan murphy said about "easter eggs" and clues in freak shows first two episodes. I think ive guessed what the next seasons about, and again, im sorry if im behind but ive just finished watching coven for the 3rd time (that and murder house are my favourite) but none of my friends watch ahs. I feel lonely..ahah. anyways, i think it might be about space, seeing as elsa's last name is Mars, she sings the song "life on mars?" by david bowie, hinting at a possible alien theme, freak show takes place in JUPITER, Florida and look at these pictures i found on tumblr¬†
    Tumblr inline nd77dlY1qJ1shkcnt

    there is the planets and a solar system on his tie!

    Tumblr inline nd77rrzUsy1shkcnt

    the lamp looks like a UFO

    Tumblr ndewg83u5H1spyfuno1 500

    some fan art that could potentially be the theme

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    • First

      I want to squash any rumors of AHS' cancellation.

      American Horror Story Renewed for Season 5 After Freak Show Shatters Ratings Record.

      I don't know why you decided to post this twice. New or not, if you're capable of collecting other people's theories off of twitter and tumblr then you should be able to browse this forum and discover that this idea has already been both presented and rebuked.

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    • first I think operation top hat is a good contender second search up American horror story top hat on google images next operation top hat is a operation that uses nuclear bombs against people and I think its pretty ahs worthy

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