• What was up with that grudge girl scene? Was that a member of the Han family? Do they show up as ghosts differently than white people on Roanoke? 

    Is that it then for Roanoke? The promo for the next episode gives of Hotel vibes. Whats the actual plot of this season? I'm not enjoying this season at all. It's better than 'Hotel' in terms of simplicity but there's not a lot going on this season, and if the next episode is to set away from Roanoke then hasn't all these past episodes been a waste?

    There's not many episodes left this season so I'm hoping that they don't go away from Roanoke because there's not much time to set up and complete a whole new story. Is the next episode going to be a new camera crew setting up in the Ronaoke house to investigate spirits? We shouldn't be seeing the reinactors for Matt and Shelby right - there storys over?

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    • I feel like we should try to wait until the sixth episode is broadcast so we could hope to separate fictional elements (basically, all the scenes with Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr. are "dramatic re-enactments", so they are meant to be creepy with some clichés and stereotyped elements) from actually true statements.

      All the five first episodes are about a documentary, a show : it could be either totally true, wrong or partially true. The problem is that the hole story of the colony seems to be both farfetched and simple at the same time.

      Plus, the documentary seems to connect with other seasons so deeply and mirror them so artificially that the theory about the show being run by Billie Dean Howard did attract my attention : she happens to be the only recurring character still alive, I would'nt be surprised if she had created the hole story by taking her inspiration from some details of the five first seasons :

      - Murder House : Piggyman, lots of deaths in the same place through the ages, a husband who doesn't control himself and who is sexually harassed by a stranger who looks younger than she is, the coming of a psychic, a house almost alive ;

      - Asylum : madness in a medical facility, cannibalism, Priscilla looks like Jenny, boys doing weird stuff with animals in farms ;

      - Coven : witchcraft, Cricket comes from New Orleans, big fires, resurrection or prevent death ; 

      - Freak Show : the Mott family, cult of blood (with the curse of the Roanoke Colony being run through blood and sacrifice, and Dandy believing that blood baths gave him a better strength and constitution) ; 

      - Hotel : the first owner of a historical building or mansion having killed lots of people and then was killed, betrayed by a friendly face (note that this works for James March and Edward Mott, but for The Butcher as well), the idea of keeping a property empty for dead people, kids lost, the protagonists end up in a motel at the end of the 5th episode...

      It is REALLY looking like a melting pot of all the AHS seasons so far, but with some infractions to the "rules" that they've all been enacting : ghosts who cannot kill people except during ONE week, while in Murder House, Freak Show and Hotel, ghosts seem to be able to kill someone at all time ; the word "Croatoan" seems to work while it is explicitly said and showed that this spell doesn't work ; Piggyman who appears without being summoned (although this one is an urban legend, the man with the pig head in Roanoke may not be the same Piggyman as the one we've heard about in Murder House) ; the asian girl looking like a japanese ghost from The Grudge or Ring while in Hotel an asian guy became a ghost and looked the same.

      I think that many elements are false, and that the next episodes will help us get this hole story clear.

      To my mind, Ryan Murphy is trying to mislead us at least until the sixth episode, when the production of the show will be unveiled : this will be when the real story will begin I think, but with some clues from the documentary. I think we might see the actors of the re-enactments again : would they be the new victims of the Roanoke Lost Colony, along the rest of the production team ? I'd definitely see the rest of the season as a found footage.

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