• Hey guys! I am rewatching all seasons and episodes starting from the first one. I am still on the fourth (just starting the freaky Freak Show), but I can't help but thinking a lot about Roanoke. I can't say I thought it made much sense when I was watching it at the time, I thought it was the worst one yet (I still have second thought about Cult) and so weak, but now I think it is one of the best ones! The story is chilling and so unpredictable. It gave me the horrible sense of the helplessness and anger throughout. I am always a fan of period pieces and going back to the colonies was spot on. 

    What do you think about it? Love it or hate it? 

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    • My favorite aspects of 'Roanoke' were the fact that we got to experience what life for a TV viewer INSIDE the American Horror Story universe is like. We got to watch TV shows that exist in-universe, which is something I never thought that we would see from the show but thought was really cool. It allowed us to actually feel what living in this world would be like for an everyday person that likes to watch television in this world, and perfectly combined horror with things that really exist, like having Paleyfest and YouTube present along with violent ghosts and cannibals. The other aspect I thought was very interesting was the character of Scathach, who is heavily implied to be immensely important in AHS going forward because she is the Original Supreme Witch (this has even been hinted at this season because Michael's Trial of the Seven Wonders take place during an October Blood Moon, which is the same time of year Scathach commits human sacrifices). Ryan Murphy stated that he would like to have a season which explored Scathach further at some point as well, so the fact that all we know about her comes from "My Roanoke Nightmare" makes her that much more mysterious and intriguing, because we do not fully know what is real and what is not or what exactly her intentions for enslaving the Roanoke Colonists in the first place are. Roanoke wasn't my favorite season, but these elements feel like they will be very important, as the season connects to 'Murder House', 'Coven', 'Freak Show', and 'Asylum'.

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