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Timothy Campbell is a young man selected by the Cooperative for his exceptional DNA and housed at Outpost 3. He is a character in Apocalypse portrayed by Kyle Allen.


Forty minutes before the bomb, Timothy Campbell anxiously awaited news of his acceptance to UCLA with his mother Nora and his brother Edward. The hard work and wait paid off and they started to celebrate as the sirens begin going off. Mr. Campbell returned home and switched on the TV to the news announcing a cataclysmic release of nuclear weaponry. Suddenly sobered, the family realized they had nowhere to go. Agents of The Cooperative swiftly arrived to take Timothy away, as his genetic submission to an ancestry website screened him as an ideal candidate for survival. They assured him and his family that his only shot at survival was to go with them. The agents took him against his will and stored him in a cage in an undisclosed bunker, where he met Emily. As the two compared as to how they ended up here, they felt an explosion from the missile detonation.

Personality and Appearance[]

Timothy is a reserved, well-mannered teen struggling to come to terms with the loss of the world he left behind during the Apocalypse. In his prior life, he was very close with his family, as he waited to open his acceptance letter to UCLA until his mother, father, and brother were in the same room as him, and was extremely hesitant to leave them behind when The Cooperative came to collect him due to his superior genes. Because of this exceptional DNA, Timothy sports handsome features and a toned physique, attracting the attention of Emily whom Timothy would find mutually attractive. Despite the loss of his loved ones and eveything he ever knew, Timothy cared greatly for Emily and was able to enjoy an innocent romance with her prior to both of their tragic deaths; notably, they died holding hands.


Two weeks later, the agents transported the two to one of ten financed outposts, dropping them at the gates of the refuge in contamination suits. A black-clad figure leads them inside. Before entering, they witnessed two survivors being executed outside the bunker. Once decontaminated, the pair met with Wilhemina Venable, who welcomed them to Outpost 3. The former boy's school was converted by The Cooperative of visionary minds into a refuge. Venable explained that the two are "purples", hand-selected elites chosen for survival. "Grays" are their servant counterparts, grateful for seclusion from the fallout. Venable herself is the local Cooperative representative, and she explained the house rules. Leaving the building is forbidden, due to radiation hazards. Sexual contact, or "copulation", is also forbidden; the executed pair broke that rule.

Sometime later, Timothy emerged from the shower and found the numbers 666 written on his mirror, as a voice whispers "Beware, Timothy!" Dressed, he joined Emily for dinner. There, they met the other refugees and Tim recognized Dinah Stevens, a talk show host his mother loved.

18 months later, the same song is playing and the refugees are desperately bored. Timmy and Emily are keeping up a subtle romance, limiting themselves to a chaste kiss per day.[1]

Tim ran to Emily's rescue when he heard her scream and found her room full of snakes. Ms. Mead also rushed to the room with another warden, happy to have found some food. Tim asked if it was possible to eat them, and Ms. Meade confirmed that she did not detect any mutations or radiations.

During dinner, the cooked snakes came to life and started crawling on the table. Later, an agent from the Cooperative briefed the refugees about what happened to the other bunkers in the United States and informed them of his upcoming inquisition.

Elsewhere later, Tim and Emily wondered about the newcomer Michael Langdon, and resolve to find out more. The intrepid pair found Langdon had a functional laptop, and discovered inexplicable emails about Venable's administration. Unbeknownst go them, they were being observed by Rubber Man overhead.

Back to Emily's room, Timmy and Emily speculated on what Langdon's emails meant and why they were really chosen for survival. They realized that since Venable's rules were irrelevant, nothing was stopping them from having sex. They launch into lovemaking while Rubber Man watches from the shadows.

Ms. Mead intruded on a sleeping Tim and Emily and dragged them away. The young lovers confronted Ms. Venable about her made-up rules, and she sent them to their punishment. Ms. Mead took them to a chamber for execution where Tim shoots her in the torso in an escape attempt before being knocked out by The Fist.[2] When Michael is holding his meeting, Timothy thanks him for getting Emily and him out of trouble. Timothy is later seen when Venable is holding an annoucement about the Halloween soiree. Timothy and Emily join the party and dance. They then bob for apples poisoned by Mead and Venable, with Emily getting one and Timothy getting none while Emily says they can share. They then eat the apples and die together.[3]

After Mallory reverses the apocalypse, Emily and Timothy meet at a protest while Timothy is getting coffee. Four years later, they have a son: the second Anti-Christ.[4]


  • He is the first character portrayed by Kyle Allen in American Horror Story.[5]
  • He's the second character named Timothy. The first one is Timothy Howard in Asylum.
  • According to, Timothy is 0.07% Brazilian.
  • It is possible that the reason Timothy and Emily were brought to Outpost 3 in the erased timeline is because their "superior genetics" were in some way related to Satan, as displayed by their son becoming the Anti-Christ in the new timeline.