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"Traitor" is the seventh episode of Apocalypse. It premiered on FX on October 24, 2018.[1]


The witches recruit a clairvoyant friend to expose deceivers in their midst. Cordelia looks to make a deal with another sort of devil. A test of Mallory's powers reveal more about the Supreme-elect. Covens unite to send Michael a fiery message.[2]


Dinah Stevens performs a voodoo ritual for a scorned wife whose husband has been cheating on her, ripping out a mistress' heart. The wife gives Dinah money to let her make a potion. Then, Dinah puts the heart in the juicer, and asks the wife something of choice belonging to her. The wife give her toenails to Dinah. Dinah is surprised and trys to put strawberries in the juicer to make it go down the throat easier, but the wife starts the juicer before Dinah could do that. Later, they tie the husband up and blindfold him, and give him the potion to drank. Dinah states that he will remember nothing and is loyal to the wife only after waking up.

After finishing the wife's ask, Dinah heads to her car and Cordelia Goode shows up before she can leave. Cordelia asks Dinah to help her set up a meeting with Papa Legba. However, Dinah tells her that it'll cost her a hundred thousand dollars for the introduction.

Bubbles McGee is on set of her newest movie, a Christmas-themed horror film, when Madison Montgomery arrives. Madison tells her that she's been summoned because they're facing a situation. Later, Madison and Myrtle Snow are at dinner with Bubbles. Myrtle reveals to Madison that Bubbles has the power to listen to someone's soul. Myrtle tells Bubbles about Michael but she isn't convinced that he's the spawn of Satan. Myrtle then tells her to come with them and that she'll throw a dinner, inviting Ariel Augustus so that Bubbles can read his soul to find out any information the warlocks might be hiding.

Dinah asks Cordelia if she's ready to meet Papa Legba. Cordelia says yes, however Dinah warns her to not promise anything she can't deliver. Through a seance, Dinah summons Papa Legba. He appears and tells Cordelia that he knows why she summoned him. He asks her why she thinks he could be of any help. Cordelia asks him to open the gates of the underworld so that she can lure Michael Langdon inside to roam around forever. However, since this is such a risky task, Papa Legba tells her that the price for this would be all the souls of her witches from the coven. From behind Papa Legba, Nan emerges and appears in front of Cordelia. Nan greets Dinah and Cordelia in a harsh, sarcastic manner. Nan also explains that she's enjoying hell and wishes to see her friends again. Cordelia offers her own soul instead but Papa says that she alone isn't enough. Papa Legba concludes that they have no deal and disappears with Nan. Afterwards, Cordelia asks Dinah what she has to do to get Papa to offer another deal. Dinah says that she got her deal and she refused it. Dinah tells her that now not only will her girls die but so will six billion other people.

Mallory, Queenie, and Zoe Benson are sitting around a table. Mallory asks when the new Supreme will rise and Zoe explains that a new Supreme rises when the old Supreme dies. Coco comes running down the stairs in excitement because something amazing has happened: she's received a new power. Now not only can she sense if there is gluten in a product but she can now tell how many calories the product has too. Zoe congratulates her because her powers are growing. They make her name the calories for all sorts of foods and Queenie also makes her name the calories of a half-eaten Sno Ball. Once Coco correctly tells her the calorie count, she eats the snowball and starts to choke. Coco collapses onto the floor and dies. Mallory kneels next to her and uses her magic to bring her back. Zoe is shocked because she's never seen magic like this before done by a witch.

Cordelia is walking down the stairs when she almost collapses. Zoe helps her to her room and Cordelia tells her that she can't fight Michael, not in this condition. Zoe says that maybe she doesn't have to. Maybe someone here will be able to help instead. Zoe tells her that she doesn't think she's fading because Michael is the next Supreme, but because of Mallory.

Bubbles and Myrtle go to the Hawthorne School for Exceptional Young Men. They tell Ariel Augustus and Baldwin that they've prepared a meal for them as an apology for how they acted. Ariel asks why he would ever eat with them. Myrtle says so that they can be the example of uniting their two covens. At dinner, the two witches ask where Michael is but Ariel tells them that he's out in the wilderness. While at dinner, Bubbles reads their souls while Myrtle tells a story. She learns that both of them can't wait for the witches to be dead and that they were responsible for the murder of John Henry Moore.

Later on, Cordelia and her girls are at dinner. Mallory is upset because, in order for her to become Supreme, she has to take power away from Cordelia. Cordelia tells her that she isn't dead yet and to enjoy the dinner. Behold Chablis asks how they can drink and be merry when people are going to die. He says that they have to stop Michael. Cordelia says that they will but tonight they are celebrating because this might be the last time that they are all together.

Two Years Before the Apocalypse

Cordelia is performing a spell. She slices her palm and lets it drip over the fire. She summons Myrtle and brings her back to the living. Myrtle tells her that she left instructions for her not to be brought back. However, Cordelia explains that she needs her guidance because something bad is coming.

Back in the present, Cordelia tells them that now that they are united; they're ready to fire the first shot. They go to the gas station where John Henry was killed. Cordelia asks Mallory to use her powers to bring John Henry back to them. She uses her powers and passes the final test of the Seven Wonders by bringing him back to life. Cordelia asks John Henry about the night that he died and who killed him, suspecting Ariel. John Henry tells them that he was killed by a woman.

Cordelia suspects that Coco's gift has more to offer and asks Coco to do something for her. Coco says she'll do anything. Cordelia wants her to track down the woman that killed John Henry. Coco protests because she doesn't think that she has the right powers for that kind of job, alledging that Mallory is much more powerful than her and thus, more apt for the task. However, Cordelia tells her that Mallory has another part to play in this scheme, Coco accepts and asks her what she wants her to do.

Coco presumably uses her powers of threat detection in order to track down Miriam Mead in the grocery store. She follows her to her car and taunts her but gets shot with a tranquilizer dart by Mead. Mead says she's going to boil her when suddenly the albino agent from the coven grabs her from behind. A hood is pulled over her head and she's pushed into a van while another Coven's agent drags now almost asleep Coco to the van.

Ariel is shown a powder by Baldwin in that will kill the witches, as it only affects women. Ariel is excited about using it but Cordelia suddenly arrives and destroys it with her pyrokinesis, setting it on fire, then magically shut Ariel and Baldwin's mouths. They take Mead, Ariel, and Baldwin to be burned at the stake for the murder of John Henry. John Henry comes and lights the flame to the torches, much to Ariel's surprise. Mead, Ariel, and Baldwin are then set on fire by the Albino servants and burn before everyone's eyes. Cordelia watches as they burn before turning and walking away.


  • Dinah Stevens (to a woman she helped): "Tell all your friends. The Voodoo Queen can fix any problem."
  • Dinah Stevens (to Cordelia): "The only thing that matters in this world isn't white or black. It's green. You got money, all the doors open."
  • Bubbles McGee
    You were one of the reasons why I left the coven. As the only witch who was also an actress, I decided that I didn't want to be living like a nun and herding all those spoiled brats when I could be out honing my craft.
    Madison Montgomery
    Your craft?
    Bubbles McGee
    Yes. Witchcraft is a talent that I was born with. But acting, I had to work for. I had to struggle. You and your generation think that you can get whatever you want with the click of a mouse or the uttering of a spell. But, let me tell you, to achieve something... that's magic of the highest order.
  • Bubbles McGee (to Myrtle and Madison: "I know that a male Supreme is a tough pill to swallow, but it won't be the literal end of the world."
  • Papa Legba: "The last time a conspiring Mambo and Witch Queen summoned me, they brought me the greatest offering."
  • Nan: "Cordelia! Long time no see, bitch."
  • Bubbles (to Ariel and Baldwin): "Tonight we have prepared for you the most wonderful, delicious, succulent meal of your entire life."
  • Cordelia Goode: "I knew I had to do everything in my power to prepare you girls for what was coming. And now that we are united and ready, it's time to fire the first shot."
  • Cordelia Goode: "For the murder of your fellow warlock, John Henry Moore, and conspiring to commit treason against this coven, I, Cordelia Goode, on behalf of this Council, sentence you to death by fire."


Cultural References[]

Raised Questions[]

  • A seemingly timeline issue raised about the unspecified difference between "Before the Bomb" and "Before the Apocalypse" cards throughout the episodes.