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Salire per spatium. The ability to transport yourself instantly throughout physical space. Just pick a spot in the room, envision yourself there, and make it happen.
Baldwin Pennypacker[src]

Transmutation (also known as salire per spatium amongst warlocks), is the magical ability to move instantaneously from one place to another without physically occupying the space in between. It is one of the Seven Wonders, meaning all Supremes are expected to have mastered this ability.

Ghosts do not follow the rules and laws of physics and are able to move instantaneously from one location to another (within the confines of the place of their death) without physically occupying the space in between.

Similarly, even beings afflicted by a blood virus have proved to instantaneously cover large distances within a very limited time span.

Higher beings, such as Angels, Demons and Deities, can use this power more advanced, as they can move freely through different dimensions. The power is known as Interdimensional Travel.


Transmutation is the ability to teleport from one destination to the other. It is rather difficult to learn, and can be dangerous as a person could end up teleporting into another object, which would kill them, such as Zoe Benson. It is unknown how far a person can teleport to.

Myrtle Snow may have used it when she suddenly appeared to Zoe's mother and later when she disappeared from Zoe. Later, she uses this power throughout Fiona bedroom, while inducing her to suicide. Madison also demonstrated it when she teleported away from a blind Cordelia in order to mock her. In a flashback from 1919, Millie, a witch, transmutated away to escape the Axeman. Spalding and the Axeman used it as ghosts, but it was limited to Miss Robichaux's Academy.

As it is part of the Seven Wonders, both Anna Leigh Leighton and Fiona Goode must have been able to perform it, as it is needed to become the Supreme. Fiona was able to transmute in front of Anna Leigh Leighton in order to kill her and Leslie, a witch, mentioned that she passed the Trial of Transmutation.

Marie Laveau displayed this power when Hank invaded her shop and tried to kill her. He aimed his weapon, fired it and Marie disappeared. She appeared a few feet further with blood on her hands where the bullet had scratched her.

At the Trial of Transmutation, Queenie, Madison and Zoe, after grieving for Misty Day, decided to lighten the mood by playing tag. It all went well until Zoe accidentally transmuted into the gates and was impaled on the spiked fence, which killed her. However, she was later resurrected by Cordelia. Cordelia Goode was able to transmute across the room to demonstrate her ability in order to become Supreme.

The young candidate for Supreme during the Seven Wonders skit was able to transmute behind another witch in a puff of white smoke.[1]

In Asylum, Satan possessing Sister Mary Eunice would sometimes appear out of nowhere and disappear without a trace, as displayed in its attempts to terrify Arthur Arden, and when it was threatened with a razor by Sister Jude it instantaneously teleported a several feet away from her.

As an angel and the cousin of the Demon, Shachath can appear before those who should receive her kiss of death, after her mission is complete then she will disappear into thin air.

Ghosts in the Murder House could use this, but only on the property except on October 30th.

Scáthach magically disappeared whilst being chased by Shelby Miller and later appeared in the night fog to threaten Cricket Marlowe.[2]

Michael Langdon was able to transmute around the room during the Warlock Council's test of his magical capabilities.[3] During the Trial of Transmutation, Michael was able to transmute behind Zoe and Madison in a puff of white smoke.[4]

Delicates have been shown appearing and reappearing around Anna Victoria Alcott while stalking her and deliberately intimidating her multiple times, often while accompanied by black goats in chains and laughing at her wickedly, savoring her confusion and distress,

Known Users[]


  • So far, transmutation featured in all seasons except Cult.
  • In the silent film depictions of the Seven Wonders, transmutation is portrayed as a puff of smoke when the witch or warlock performs it.[13][4]
  • It is possible that this power allows the user to take someone else with them, as Myrtle Snow disappears suddenly with her albino bodyguards, leaving Zoe in front of the Miss Robichaux's Academy by herself.[6] When being attacked by Hank Foxx, Misty Day and Myrtle Snow suddenly disappear together.[7] Mallory, Myrtle Snow and Cordelia Goode suddenly disappeared together before Michael and Miriam could find them.[8]



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