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Trevor Kirchner is a man whose enormous mustache is rivaled only by the size of his massive, uhm... ego?[1]. He is a character in 1984 portrayed by Matthew Morrison.


Trevor Kirchner worked in an earlier version of Jane Fonda's first workout video but he was eventually edited out when his penis drew undue attention. He also appeared in the background of the Three’s Company opening credits.[2]

Personality and Appearance[]

Trevor is a tall man in his early 40s that has brown short hair and a moustache. He also has a huge penis. He is usually wearing sporty athletic clothing but when he is rich he wears fancier clothing. He is nice and truthful unless money is involved.


In 1984, Trevor is the director of activities at the recently re-opened Camp Redwood. Trevor makes the acquaintance of the new counsellors including Montana Duke, a girl who claims to be a fan who really enjoyed his workout video. Later the two begin a sexual encounter in the lake but are interrupted by an approaching storm and car headlights at the edge of the lake.

To warm up the working place, Trevor, the counsellors and Nurse Rita watch the opening Olympics ceremony and a frustrated Chet injures Ray's hand.[2]

Trevor describes to the boys his experience with Montana, as they walk towards the showers. Xavier leaves to get his soap and towels. Unbeknownst to them, a man is spying Trevor through a peephole but he's shortly after killed. The men later find him. Xavier is distraught but denies knowing who Blake is. Trevor discovers that the man's ear has been cut off and they are under siege by Benjamin Richter.

Xavier tries to get the van started and the counsellors attempt an escape, but they collide with Margaret's car before they can get away, distracted by Rita in their path. She tells them that Richter is back! Both Rita and Trevor have vehicles that can take them individually, but neither has keys. They leave in two groups to retrieve them.

Trevor's group can't find his keys, and Xavier breaks down sobbing that it's all his fault for bringing Blake, the man he previously denied knowing. Both doors are pounded from the outside, someone wanting in.[3]

Montana, Xavier, and Trevor are attacked by a group of unseen assailants, revealed to be local townie pranksters, Larry and Keith, dressed as Mr Jingles. The real Richter proceeds to murder the pranksters, while the counsellors escape and take refuge in a nearby shed, only to discover the real Nurse Rita tied up and gagged. They free her and she attempts to escape but is promptly murdered by Richter. They stumble into Ray and Trevor gives Ray the keys to his motorcycle, sending him and Montana to call for help at a nearby phone booth. Xavier and Trevor discover Chet in the pit and pull him out, before accidentally killing one of the pranksters, assuming that he was Richter.[4]

Trevor and Xavier take an injured Chet inside one of the cabins. Chet soon falls unconscious after losing so much blood. Trevor decides to stab Chet in the chest with epinephrine pen in hopes of waking him up. Chet jolts up in an adrenaline rush. Trevor explains that they need Montana and Ray to arrive with the cops. Chet explains that Ray left him to die and was responsible for a death back in L.A. Xavier suddenly remembers Blake and that his keys are still in his vehicle. Trevor suggests taking Margaret and Bertie with them. Xavier agrees and decides to fetch Bertie, while Trevor goes to get Margaret.

Trevor finds Margaret outside and she is horrified by the dead bodies of the local townie pranksters. Trevor tries to convince Margaret to come with him to escape the camp, but Margaret refuses.

Trevor and Chet catch up with Montana. However, upon hearing gunshots, Trevor goes to get Margaret believing that she may be in trouble. Trevor goes to her cabin and is surprised to see that Margaret has shot Richter. However, Margaret stabs Trevor to make it look like he was killed by Richter.[5]

Trevor survived the attack. After waking up from the coma, he decided against calling the cops although the thought of Brooke taking the blames sickens him. Trevor blackmails Margaret insisted, hoping for a wealthy "sugar mama". Margaret's plans are different, though, and they get married so Trevor can't testify against his spouse and will have the money he wants.

In 1989, Trevor is now addicted to cocaine and trapped in an unhappy marriage with a woman he hates. Despite claiming he doesn't need what his wife offers him, Trevor still pretends to be a supportive husband and the two engage in rage sex due to constant tension between them. Trevor and Margaret witness the execution of Brooke Thompson at Saint Quentin State prison but are disappointed by the anticlimactic killing.[6] 

Trevor later is seen at Margaret's Redwood convention. Trevor is treated badly by Margaret and he goes to have sex with Montana while Margaret watches from afar. Trevor is then told by Montana to stay away because she believes nothing good will come from him being with her. 

Trevor tells all the visitors for the festival to leave and Margaret shoots him to death and Brooke takes him into Redwood so he can be with Montana forever. Trevor is later seen killing Margaret and killing Rameriez to keep Bobby safe. When Bobby comes to Redwood, Trevor kills himself to prove he is dead much to Bobby's surprise. Trevor is last seen awaiting his turn to kill Margaret.


  • About Margaret: "I bet myself 50 bucks I'd bang her by the end of the summer."
  • To Montana: "You almost strangled me with your thighs!"
  • To Margaret: "I'd rather be dead than indebted to a monster!"
  • To Margaret: "What do you think of my asset now? Huh? Still dead weight?"
  • About Brooke's execution: "Well, that was anticlimactic."


  • He is the first, and until now the only, character portrayed by Matthew Morrison in American Horror Story.
  • He is the third character named Trevor. The first is Trevor Geary from Cult and the second is Coco's brother, Trevor St. Pierre Vanderbilt from Apocalypse.
  • Trevor teaches aerobics in Marina del Rey, California. In "Murder House", Hayden mentions that she likes its seaside community.
  • Trevor is not the only one with a big (not so) secret in his pants.
  • Trevor Kirchner owns a Kawasaki Ninja 900, the first model of Ninja to be made as the Ninja first came out in 1984.
  • Trevor's quote "The bike is a fickle mistress" is a play on the common phrase "Fate is a fickle mistress" as he tells Ray that the bike might 'buck him' if he goes too fast, yet it was Mr. Jingles who took his life instead.
  • Trevor and Chet are the only main characters not to have a backstory shown through flashbacks.
  • Trevor is absent in only one episode throughout the season. That episode is "Red Dawn". Excluding Margaret Booth, he is the only main character not featured in every episode of 1984.



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